How Do You Control a Hoverboard?

How Do You Control a Hoverboard

Self-balancing scooters, commonly referred to as hoverboards, offer an entertaining way to travel. You don’t have to be the best at balancing, but you will need some practice.

Hoverboards are really amazing, and when you see someone hoverboarding around, we know how you feel. So if you want one, what are you waiting for?

Say, you got your hoverboard, but how do you control a hoverboard? Trust me, it may look complicated, but once you master it, you can unleash the ghost rider in you.

Hoverboards are great for having fun, and when you have a group of hoverboarders with you, it’s even more fun. However, to go hoverboarding with your buddies, first, you need to know how to ride a hoverboard.

Steps to Control Your Hoverboard

How do you control a hoverboard? I got you covered, follow these steps, and you can master the art of hoverboarding.

Before you start practicing, make sure your battery is fully charged. Let’s begin –

Step #1 Get on Your Hoverboard

Hoverboards are pretty similar to balancing on a bike. You have to use your one foot at a time, be swift. You cannot rush, and you cannot be slow either.

When you get on it, there should be no hesitation, just put one foot and regain the balance with the other.

To maintain your balance, your feet have to be near the edges near the cover of the wheels. This will help in distributing your weight evenly. However, if you keep your feet close to one another, it will be very difficult for you to control.

Step #2 Moving Forward

Before you try to go forward, I want you to make sure that you must practice in a place where there is sufficient space, and the surface is smooth. Practicing on an uneven surface can be difficult, and you can lose your balance.

When moving forward, keep in mind that you need to exert pressure on the front with the help of your toes. Therefore, keep the pressure equal on both of your toes.

Yes, that is how you do it. In order to slow down, slowly withdraw the pressure, and eventually, the hoverboard will stop.

Step #3 Moving Backwards

Moving backward is the exact opposite of what you did in step 2. All you have to do is to put on some pressure on the back using your feet, and your hoverboard will move backward.

Now that you have got this, it is time to master the turning skills.

Step #4 Turning

Turning is quite complicated with hoverboards. Many first-time riders think that you will have to lean in either direction if you want to turn, and the hoverboard will turn successfully.

You will lose your balance if you do this, and the hoverboard will go out of control. To make good turns, you have to follow what I say.

Say you want to turn to the left. For riding to the left, you have to exert some pressure on the front using the opposite foot (if turning left, put some pressure on the front using your right foot). And, there you are, making a turn.

You have to do the opposite for turning to the right. Put on some pressure on the front using your left foot, and you are good to go.

It will help if you practice turning more because most riders get confused and lose their balance. The more you practice, the more you can take sharp and easy turns.

Step #5 Getting Off the Hoverboard

Before you try to get off, you have to make your hoverboard stop. Exert pressure on the back and withdraw the force slowly. This is how you stop a moving hoverboard.

To get off the hoverboard, you will have to do the very opposite of getting on. When the hoverboard is still, maintain your balance and slightly step back using one foot and then the other.

Try not to jump as you can fall on the ground, and step off forward. That way, you will lose control.


This article entirely focuses on how do you control a hoverboard. We know it is going to be a bit difficult in the initial stages of practice. But stick to practicing.

Make sure you do all the practice in a large area that has a smooth surface. Then, if you wish, you can practice in your room, if it’s a large one, or in your garden.

Remember, when you get on your hoverboard, keep its speed slow. Then, with time increase the speed. This will help you understand how much force is necessary to maintain a speed.

Keep practicing, rider!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What results in moving my hoverboard?

Hoverboards have a motor installed on each wheel and a tilt sensor on each pad. When you put on some pressure using your feet, the sensors send the data to the motor and move in a specific direction.

Is it hard to ride a hoverboard?

No, the hoverboards are not hard to ride. On the contrary, it is pretty easy to ride a hoverboard. However, the practice sessions are a bit difficult, but it’s a piece of cake if you keep up the practice.

How can fast can a hoverboard go?

Hoverboards can travel at a maximum speed of 5 – 8 mph. However, the speed depends on the type of terrain and the quality of the tires. The greater the traction, the more the speed.

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