Here’s My Story

Kenny McGrath

My name is Kenny McGrath, and just like you, I find the not-so-distant future a tad bit unsettling.

I believe there will be a future, but if you look at how we’re deliberately destroying our planet right now, it shows that we need to do something right now before it’s too late.

One of the biggest contributing factors to the state of the world is transportation.

Hundreds of millions of vehicles pump out emissions day after day, all across the world.

I can’t save the world on my own, but having grown up in three major cities throughout my childhood, I can attest to the fact that emissions are one of the biggest issues we face today.

I propose a better way, with electric vehicles.

If half the commuters in every major city in America could swap out their cars for electric bikes, we’d have a completely differently (less gray-hued) skyline to look at every night.

I’m a passionate guy, and even though I can’t do all the heavy lifting to help save the planet, I can put my focus right here, on electric vehicles.

I want to teach you all about them, show you why they’re a solid alternative from fossil fuels, and discuss their viability as the future draws near.