How Fast Does a Lamborghini Hoverboard Go?

How Fast Does a Lamborghini Hoverboard Go

Lamborghini is renowned for producing incredible supercars. However, the truth is that they also sell a ton of other accessories. And a great illustration of this is the Lamborghini Hoverboard.

A luxury brand like Lamborghini has made an entry into the arena of hoverboards. Do you know Lamborghini is taking some technology from Diablo Bond Car to hoverboards? Yes, it sounds too good to be true. But how fast does a Lamborghini hoverboard go? If you want the answer to this, you are in the right spot.

This is the most want-to-know question before investing in a Lamborghini hoverboard. Especially in youth, everyone runs behind the speed. 

What Makes Lamborghini Hoverboard Ride Smooth?

The Lamborghini hoverboard is 8.5inch long. It comes with intelligent body sensors that help in the balance and stability of the hoverboards. Moreover, the boards have a unique design that flips less and stocks to the ground. 

Do you know why Lamborghini hoverboards are low to ground? It gives space for aerodynamics. Here are some features that make Lamborghini ride better than other hoverboards. 

1. Wheels

Lamborghini hoverboard has 8.5 alloy wheels and is bigger than other hoverboards. The wheels can support up to 220lbs weight, and they can ride well on grass, gravel, and uneven pavement. 

2. Motor

It has 440W dual motors that power the hoverboard. The motor powers the 8.5-inch hoverboard, so you can have a breezy ride in the suburban. The bigger motor contributes to the speed of hoverboards. 

3. UL2272 Certificate

A general thumb rule while buying a hoverboard is to check the UL2272 license certificate. This certificate evaluates the safety of the charger system and electrical drive train.

3. Speed

The Lamborghini can go 9mph, i.e., 14.5 Kmph. The motor size and batteries determine the speed of the hoverboard. It has a built-in safety limit so the rider can control the ride. While most models have a top speed of 9-10mph, the speed depends on the terrain. 

4. LED Lights

Who wouldn’t want a dope-looking hoverboard? The Lamborghini hoverboards have LED lights in both front and back. It lights up in the dark and brings a cool factor to your ride. 

Lamborghini Hoverboard Vs. Standard Hoverboard

Why must you pick a Lamborghini hoverboard? What is the difference between a Lamborghini hoverboard and a Standard hoverboard? Few differences make the Lamborghini hoverboard different from the normal hoverboard.

1. Wheel Size

The Lamborghini hoverboards have 8-8.5inch wheels, while standard hoverboards have 6.5-inch wheels. The diameter of the wheels keeps the hoverboard stable and balanced even on uneven roads. 

2. Weight Capacity

The speed of the hoverboard depends on the weight it can carry. The Lamborghini hoverboards can carry more weight than standard hoverboards, as the size of Lamborghini hoverboards is way bigger than standard hoverboards. 

How Fast Can a Hoverboard Go?

Before we begin in detail, how fast does a Lamborghini hoverboard go? First, you have to know how fast a hoverboard can go. When the hoverboard exceeds its speed limit, it starts beeping. Here are some of the factors that contribute to speed.

1. Weight of The Rider

Weight plays a crucial role in the speed of the hoverboards. The heavier the rider is, the slower the scooter goes. Lamborghini hoverboards are heavier in size, yet they are faster as the built-in design constitutes high-tech features. 

2. Age and Skillset

How fast does a Lamborghini hoverboard can go? It depends on the skillset. A young novice rider does not have much knowledge of balancing the hoverboards. On the other hand, an experienced rider can ride the hoverboard much more easily and reach optimum speed than a beginner rider.

3. Terrain

Riding on different terrain gives different speeds. For instance, while depending on the top of the hill, the battery drains much faster when compared to a flat road. While on a flat road, you can accelerate the hoverboard slowly, so the battery lasts longer. Moreover, on the rough road, the friction is more, hence the hoverboard slower.


The Lamborghini hoverboard’s motors are responsive and fast. In this article, we have mentioned what contributes to the speed of a hoverboard, how fast does a Lamborghini hoverboard go and what makes Lamborghini hoverboard different. 

The Lamborghini hoverboards have high-tech technology, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and sensor controls. Wear safety gear like a helmet and knee pad to ensure safety while enjoying the thrill of the ride.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is a Lamborghini hoverboard real?

Yes, the new hoverboard by TwoDots is officially licensed to Lamborghini. The sleek, edgy hoverboard is 8.5 inches with big wheels and built-in Bluetooth speakers. 

How fast does 1 hoverboard go?

The average sped of the hoverboard is 6-8miles per hour. The speed range and limit change with terrain, model, and brand. Bigger tires and larger motor tends to be faster than other hoverboards in the market.

Can adults use the Lamborghini hoverboard?

Yes, it has an impressive payload capacity of 265lbs, which means adults can certainly have a breezy ride on this. Unfortunately, the motors in Lamborghini hoverboard have too much torque. That’s why the weight of the rider does not that much influence the speed much. 

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