Can You Ride a Hoverboard in A Mall?

How Heavy Is Hoverboard?

Riding a hoverboard feels incredible. When you see somebody riding it, it’s not unlikely to think that it’s an advanced set of wheels that came from the future. There are plenty of places you can ride it and master your self-balancing skills, but can you ride a hoverboard in a mall?

If you just got yourself a hoverboard, you might want to where to ride and practice. Knowing the safe place to ride helps you master your skillset without any interventions.

Well, the use of hoverboards is completely banned in public spots, so if you want to begin with your practice, you got to start practicing in your area.

Before riding a hoverboard within a mall, you should think about the type of hoverboard you’re using and any applicable laws.

We understand how it feels to have a pricey hoverboard and nowhere to ride it. Do you require a location where you can use your gadget in peace and freedom from the reach of the law?

Where To Ride Your Hoverboard?

The hoverboards have seen some heights in the past few years since they were released. This particular device has attracted mainstream attention and can be seen everywhere.

Despite its greatness, there have been reports that they are subject to fire-catching while charging. The BBB, aka Better Business Bureau, has received dozens of negative remarks about these modern self-balancing scooters.

Due to some unavoidable negative remarks, these hoverboards were banned in the United States, now under several legal restrictions. As I stated above, riding these are restricted in public places.

As a result, colleges, universities, airports have strictly prohibited the use of hoverboards on their premises. As the US government banned these, dealers and distributors denied their part of the work.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission declared that the hoverboards are unsafe. Furthermore, the quality of the construction does not meet the safety standards of the mall. These are made of poor-quality lithium-ion batteries.

Mall authorities have restricted the use of hoverboards in their premises as well.

Are Hoverboards Unsafe?

Hoverboards are cool, but you need to handle them with care. Hoverboards get all their power from lithium batteries. These lithium-ion batteries are small in size but have tremendous capability to serve with power.

There are notable reports of hoverboards that caught fire while it was charging. Also, they can explode from overheating.

Authorities restrict the use hoverboards because if these explode, it is capable of destroying a building.

Authorities Are Fed Up with Hoverboards

People are responding well to this fad of hoverboards or Segways. People are happy with the convenience these self-balancing boards provide. But, the sports centers, malls, airlines, universities are tired of dealing with hoverboards.

However, after the authorities realized how unsafe these are and can impose a risk of life and property any minute, therefore, to reduce the effect, they have strict restrictions for using it.

Section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 strictly does not consider hoverboards on the roads or sidewalks. If you are found with hoverboards, they will penalize you and confiscate your hoverboard without a second thought.


So, can you ride a hoverboard in a mall? I’m sure that’s not a great idea.

Now that you know that riding hoverboards are prohibited in most places like college campuses, universities, airports, malls, etc., it feels like a shock. I had the same reaction when I first discovered this news.

But you what, the use of these are banned for the good of our people. As you can read, there are plenty of reports filed to BBB, and they are not happy about it.

If the authorities don’t like it, you should accept it. And if you try, you will be penalized, and that is not a good thing.

If you wish to ride it and practice, you can try it in your area. I think that is a better call than dealing with legal restrictions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Hoverboard Inside Walmart?

Can you ride a hoverboard in a mall-like Walmart? Yes, perhaps.

From the above discussion, it is pretty clear that the authorities do not like people horsing around with their hoverboards. But, some generous authorities allow.

I have tried to find answers on the internet but sadly couldn’t find any reliable source. However, if you wish to visit the mall riding your hoverboard, you may call the authorities and see what they say.

Act accordingly, and if you do not follow the rules, they can take legal action against you and confiscate your ride.

Can I Get Myself A Hoverboard from Walmart?

Walmart is aware of the hoverboard craze going on in the United States. However, there is news that says somebody was arrested for using a hoverboard on the airport premises.

Keeping aside all that, Walmart has decided to team up with the people who are crazy about hoverboards. Also, people are showing off their dope skills with hoverboards, which are all over the internet.

You can take it as an indication that you can purchase one for yourself from Walmart but also ride around for a while.

Can I Use My Hoverboard on Pavements or Sidewalks?

The diameter of the tires that are installed on the hoverboards is about 6-7 inches. They are made to move over dry sidewalks and grass. Therefore, you are less likely to face any problem riding it until the authorities check on you.

Some have banned hoverboards on sidewalks as well. Besides this, you can also injure yourself. So, using these on the sidewalks ain’t a great idea.

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