How Fast Does a Hoverboard Go?

How Fast Does a Hoverboard Go

How fast does a hoverboard go is a top searched query.

Hoverboards are the exciting and enthralling self-balancing scooters which are in trend for the last couple of years. The design is compact and convenient to carry, and they are pretty fast too. 

Regardless of their age, individuals can’t get enough of this high-tech invention. Hoverboards are an ideal alternative mode of commute for short distances, and their mobility adds to their tremendous popularity. In addition, they offer individual freedom, joy, and functionality as you explore different speeds.

There are several factors that affects the speed of a hoverboard. The specifications of the hoverboard, the weight of the rider, and even the terrain contributes on how fast a hoverboard can go.

So, how fast does a hoverboard go? Different models and brands in the market have different speeds. Therefore, it is essential to research before investing in hoverboards.

What Is the Speed Range of Hoverboards?

Typical hoverboards clock between six and eight miles per hour ( 9.6- 13 KPH). Still, smart wheel balances with enormous tires and motors can reach an astounding speed of ten miles per hour ( 16KPH ). Currently, the fastest hoverboard can clock thirteen miles per hour ( 21 KPH ) as its top speed.

First and foremost, different brands have varying speeds. In addition. the speeding range varies on various factors. One of them is the skill set of the rider. As you can expect, a novice rider can’t take that speed that an experienced rider clocks. Still , there is a lot more. Here are other contributing factors to how fast does a hoverboard go. 

  • Wind

Wind resistance is contributing factor to the speed. In windy weather, the batteries and motor must power more to combat the wind’s resistance—this way, the hoverboard tends to be slower. 

  • Terrain

The terrain is the contributing factor of the speed. Traveling on a flat surface allows the rider to pick up the pace with ease compared to the rough surface. On the downhill, the rider doesn’t have enough control to increase or decrease the speed. In contrast, on uphill, the rider cannot pick up enough speed.

Note that it’s always best to stick to flat and dry surfaces for optimal hoverboard speed and, significantly, reduce injury risks. Not to mention, bumpy and uneven terrains can damage the undercarriage of the hoverboard.

  • Battery

A fully charged battery can pick more speed compared to a drained-out battery. The battery powers the motor. On a full charge battery, it can power the hoverboard more efficiently and accelerate irrespective of the condition you are riding. 

  • Weight

Weight is a crucial factor while riding on a hoverboard. The design of the hoverboard is for a single rider; two people can’t ride at the same time. Exceeding the weight limit hampers the speed, the hoverboard slower down. 

For instance, if you carry a backpack of 50lbs and your weight is 100lbs, that means a total of 150 lbs is on the hoverboard. If it has only a 120lbs weight limit, then the 30lbs out of 150 is considered overweight. 

It’s paramount to be wary and heed your hoverboard weight limit to have a seamless riding experience and avoid harm. In addition, never have more than one rider on the hoverboard at a time. Else, you risk damaging the motor and inducing injury to all parties on the hoverboard.

How Fast Should You Go?

The main concern while balancing the hoverboard on rugged terrain is how fast one should go? How fast can a hoverboard go? The answer is to go as fast as you are comfortable. It depends on how long you have been riding on hoverboards. 

Experience comes with time, and with experience, you can speed up the hoverboards to their maximum speed.

Types Of Fastest Hoverboards

  • Halo Rover X

It is UL272 certified and has a powerful motor and speed range. If you want a high-speed hoverboard, this is the one. The hoverboard has a 10mph speed. Halo Rover X has a 400W motor on each wheel that speeds up the hoverboard. It has an average speed of 7mph. 

  • Swagtron T6 Outlaw

The Swagtron T6 Outlaw has an impressive weight limit, speed, and excellent off-road capabilities. So, how fast does the hoverboard go? Its speed s like Halo Rover X, i.e., 10mph, and has a 7-10 miles speed range. 

  • Segway Ninebot S

Ninebot S is the most popular model from Segway. The design is high-tech and comes with extra features. For example, the high-speed lithium-ion battery has dual 400W motors. The speed range is 13.7miles, and the top speed is 10mph.


Do you enjoy speed?? If yes, then hoverboards are perfect for you. But how fast does a hoverboard go? Unfortunately, the answer is not definite. The speed depends on various factors, and among them, some of the contributing factors are tires, brand, model, motor, battery, and weight.

Heavy payload is not advisable while riding on a hoverboard. You must check the weight limit on hoverboards. This way, it helps in maintaining the speed and prevents unwanted damage. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum speed of hoverboards?

10mph. An average of 6-7mph is the speed of the hoverboard. At the same time, some hoverboards can go above 9mph. The hoverboards discussed in this article have a top speed of 10mph. The speed range falls between 10-15 miles.

Can I make my hoverboard go faster?

Yes, there is a mode that allows the rider to switch to a faster speed. Then, the rider can go back and forth on speed as per requirement. If you are a beginner, then start at the lowest speed. That way, you can balance the hoverboard with ease.

Is hoverboard faster than walking?

Yes, most hoverboards speed from 6-15mph. You can travel to any given destination faster than walking. Hoverboards are easy to commute, but they also bring extraordinary factors that attract young users. 

How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definite answer to the exact weight.

Instead, several factors such as the brand, features, hoverboard size, technology, and materials determine its size. Overall, hoverboards’ weight average between 20-30 pounds ( 9-14kgs ). And, of course, kids’ hoverboards might weigh slightly less.

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