How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go?

How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go

Do you want to pace up the travel to work? Then you are at the right spot. Electric skateboards are easy to control, fast, and fun to use. If you want to invest in skateboards, you probably need to know how quickly you can commute from point A to B. 

It has become crucial to be mobile quickly and conveniently. Electric skateboards, which are light, tiny, portable, and quick, offer a creative answer to this problem.

Here in this article, we will explain how fast do electric skateboards go? Along with that, we will shed light on its features and the must-know details before you invest.

How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go?

If you are searching how fast electric skateboards go, you must already know skateboards outstrip the competition on flat roads. The average speed of skateboards on flat roads is 18mph to 28 mph. However, some skateboards exceed this speed range and can go up to 40mph. 

The 40mph speed can be achieved by a pro rider or one who has enough experience. So, while answering how fast electric skateboards go, we keep the speed range between 18-28mph, safe and achievable for novice riders. Firstly, what makes the skateboard fast? Here are some points of consideration:

1. Motor Power

It is an obvious fact that a bigger motor can produce more power. Hence, the speed is faster than others. Moreover, if the motor is bigger, it would require a battery of bigger size that can store the charge and power the motor when needed. Considering this, if you want the skateboard to go fast, you must choose a skateboard with a significant power source.

2. Riders Weight and Size

The electric skateboard’s weight is one part of the system; the other is you. It is a fact that a lightweight rider can balance the skateboard and reach the maximum speed on flat roads. But, in uphill and downhill, a heavy rider is better as they can offset the speed where gravity is a factor.

3. Resistance

Another factor that you must consider is air resistance. If you are taller and bigger, the surface area that your body covers is more. Therefore, the wind will slow you down. That is why you cannot reach the maximum speed while riding on skateboards. The speed will vary according to the wind speed. 

Features Of Skateboard Contributing to Speed

How fast do electric skateboards go? Of course, the answer depends on the model and the brand. However, some features are contributing factors to speed. 

1. Battery and Controller

The battery of the electric skateboard determines how much power inputs to the motor. This power is sent to the wheels. The more power sent to wheels, the faster the skateboard goes. The controller has preset for beginner riders. You can change the setting as per your skills. 

2. Battery Charge

The more you travel, the more motor you use, this way more power is produced. As the battery powers the motor, the battery drains. When the power is low, it becomes less powerful, and the voltage produced in the motor decreases. Hence, the skateboard lags while accelerating. Make sure the battery is fully charged before you go skating with the skateboard.

3. Wheels

The wheels of the skateboard have the contributing factor while speeding up on terrains. Larger wheels have more speed compared to smaller wheels. It happens due to aerodynamics. Therefore, if you want to commute faster instead of a smoother ride, you must pick a skateboard with bigger wheels. 


The speed of the skateboard depends on factors like terrain, built-in quality, battery, motor, and controller. Apart from these features, the skill set of the rider, age, and weight also plays a key part in determining the speed of the skateboards.

Skateboards are fun and thrilling to ride. When you are at full speed, it makes you feel ecstatic. We have discussed how fast do electric skateboards go? We hope you will find the right answer with this article. Although there are many electric skateboards in the market, the speed depends on the skateboard’s brand, model, and technical features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest electric skateboard?

NGV Next board is the fastest electric skateboard in the market right now. It can go up to the speed of 59.55mph. Mischo Erban holds the record of the fastest skateboarder. He holds the Guinness World Record of 95.83 kmph speed on the NGV next board.

How fast can an electric skateboard go downhill?

The skateboard can reach up to 60mph on the downhill, which is known as the top speed of electric skateboards. 

Is 25mph fast for riders?

Yes, the average speed of skateboard riders is 18-28 mph. A speed of 25mph is fast enough. As a beginner, you can practice keeping this speed steady and increase the speed slowly depending upon the terrain.

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