Is It Hard to Ride a Segway?

Is It Hard to Ride a Segway

Not everyone is necessarily naturally adept at riding them. But with few practice and knowing safety essentials, you will be riding in no time.

Is it hard to ride a Segway? No, they’re not. Yes, riding a Segway is pretty simple. It’s made to transport you over distances that are too great to walk but not too short to drive. There would not be nearly 1000 Segway tour firms in the globe if Segways were difficult to ride.

Is It Hard to Ride a Segway?

Is it hard to ride a Segway? You, tell me, is it? Yes and no! “What”! – I bet this is your reaction! But, yes, these can be as difficult or easy to ride any Segway depending on who is riding it. Teens generally learn to ride a Segway very quickly. On the other hand, senior citizens are not so pro in this regard.

Now, you need not be a champion in balancing, but having correct postures is an absolute must. If you have never used a Segway before, then your fear is quite rational. But don’t worry, once you step on it, you will see that it’s not a chainsaw. Don’t get me wrong here, and it’s not a piece of cake either. But once you master it, it will be your best mate. And in case you love trolling around, this is the best option. It serves as a perfect masterpiece for distances that don’t require drive but are too tiring to cover for pedestrians.

How To Learn to Ride a Segway?

Learning anything has a graph pattern, and the graph is never straight. Sometimes it can be very sloppy, sometimes it can have a steep slope, and sometimes it is sigmoid. But, taking into consideration Segway’s, chances are you will experience logistic growth. So let’s have a keen look at the whole process. 

  • In your first learning phase, you will feel nervous, now, maybe nervous, like a kid whose sophomore results are coming. Ok, perhaps not that much. Nah, that’s just an exaggeration. But, even after your nervousness, you still step on your Segway and try to handle it.
  • You think it’s a pretty scary experience! But your trainer tells you to hold the Segway with your hands firmly, flexibly, and start your session. Now you hold onto the hand bars and start. After you have traveled less than a mile, you start feeling a little confident. Now your guide teaches you the tricks to help you maintain balance, leg bending your knees to keep stability, and how to coordinate your hand motions with the Segway.
  • Now you have become an expert yourself. And you are confident to demonstrate the tricks and tips you learned. So tell me, is it hard to ride a Segway?

Can You Learn to Ride a Segway Alone?

Well, the human brain is phenomenal! So you can learn anything you wish and want. But if you are asking, we won’t advise you to learn to ride a Segway alone. It can be scary and dangerous.

Instead, you should hire a professional trainer or ask the company that sold it to you to arrange one for you. Some companies are courteous enough to provide trainers for free. But not all do. You can still ask them to hire a trainer for you; the only difference will be they might charge you a bit extra. Still, the charges will be almost the same or even less if you hire a trainer yourself. 

A trainer knows all the basics and advances of the Segway. She will break it down to you in a very easy and continuous manner. But if you try doing it yourself, it will take you much time and energy, which isn’t worth it. So, instead of getting frustrated learning and figuring out everything yourself, just invest some money and hire a trainer. 

Is A Segway the Right Choice for You?

Segway’s mean enjoyment + comfort. But is a Segway suitable for everyone. Hell, no! So, how to determine if it’s your cup of tea or not? Use this checklist and see for yourself.

#1 Travel requirements- If you always need to take long routes and don’t have time or need to run errands close by, then probably, a Segway isn’t your best choice.

#2 Nature -Segway needs energy. If you have got it, then surely use one. But if you’re a couch potato like me, you need to rethink.

Other than this, it would help if you were very cautious about using one. For example, don’t use it on rough terrains, or it may become fatal for you.


Is it hard to ride a Segway? You tell me now. No, right? It is absolute fun. Don’t let your fear get over you. It would help if you tried and at least gave it a chance.

Well, is it hard to walk? No, it isn’t. What a weird question? But wait. As children, we find it difficult to walk because we are doing it for the first time. We face difficulties, but we don’t give up. Did you get my point now?

 Similarly, at least try to give your Segway a good chance.

Happy learning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is riding a Segway fun?

You bet! Yes, it is. You should give it a try if you haven’t still.

Can you fall off a Segway?

Well, if you lose balance, you can end up falling.

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