Where Are Hoverboards Illegal?

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Hoverboards are fun, aren’t they? It is great to surf your hoverboard from the playground to the way back home. But where are hoverboards illegal?

Are you worried too while surfing your hoverboard? Do you want to know when and where hoverboards are illegal?  Well, you have us together in this mission. We have done a lot of research to tell you accurately where hoverboards are illegal.

Where Are Hoverboards Illegal?

Hoverboards have gained a lot of popularity. But they have also been regulated and declared illegal by many countries. The UK was the first country to announce that hoverboards are illegal there. Australia also declared that boards that do not meet safety requirements are not allowed even on roads. 

Some other countries which don’t allow hoverboards are Switzerland and UAE due to safety. Hoverboards are also illegal in Greece. It is somewhat tricky to know if it is legal or unlawful in Poland and Austria, but it is better to avoid riding on a hoverboard in public as it can cause you trouble.

Now, let’s see those countries which provide you legal permission to use them in public places. For example, you can ride hoverboards in Germany. They are permitted with a bit of regulation. The only condition is that the speed must be below 20 km per hour. You can enjoy your skates in Singapore too.

Are Hoverboards Legal in The United States?

The situation in the United States regarding hoverboards is very controversial. You can ride them in some states but not in all. 

In New York, you cannot ride a hoverboard anywhere. They are illegal both on roads and sidewalks. If you get caught driving your hoverboard, you can get fined up to $ 500. The laws are similar in Washington too. So, you better not be using your hoverboard in these places.

In California, you can enjoy your lovely hoverboards with a bit of restriction. You will have to use it at a minimum speed of 25 mph. But it is better not to go up to that limit as you can get fined for it. In Texas, you can drive with a speed limit of 20 mph.

For states like Georgia and Virginia, the situation is very troublesome. It is challenging to distinguish if it is legal or illegal. So, you better not use it, or you land yourself in great trouble.

Why Are Hoverboards Illegal?

Hoverboards have been declared illegal because of several different reasons. First, many accidents have occurred due to them in the recent past. Second, on occasions, they caught fire, and other mishaps took place too. Hence the authorities declared them illegal.

Also, they are legal in some places and sometimes and not in others. For example, some places allow you to use hoverboards only on roads and not on the sidewalks. A few places allow them only in a specific period. For example, some universities allow it only during lunch after the classes get over.

Overall speaking, it’s quite chaotic when it comes to hoverboards.

Laws Regarding Hoverboards

While you are collecting knowledge about where hoverboards are illegal, you must have a good idea of some rules about them.

Check out this list to know more.

  • Minimum age- 16 years is the officially recognized minimum age in most states and countries to use a hoverboard publicly. In most American states, including California and Texas, the age limit is the same as mentioned here.
  • Speed limit- This parameter is different for different states and countries. In most American states, you can go from 20 to 25 mph for the maximum limit.
  • Safety check- Some countries require that your hoverboard is made up of a special material that is up to the safety standards followed in that particular country or state.
  • Lights – Some places, especially the American States, have made a law that states that your electric skates must have a light attached to them. And especially at night. If you don’t have lights attached to them, drop the idea of taking them out at night.
  • Protective wears- You must wear a helmet while having a fun ride as most States keep it under the category of motorbikes.
  • No drugs- You are not allowed to indulge in any smoking, snorting, or even drinking alcohol when you are going to ride your hoverboard. It can rob your pocket for a solid to $ 250 if an authority sees you. So, it’s better not to take a risk, isn’t it? And if you are not a fan of following rules, it also affects your safety.


Where are hoverboards illegal? Now you know that the answer to this question is very broad. But after reading this blog, you must have gained a lot of information regarding hoverboards.

Happy skating!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hoverboards legal in the US in 2021?

This is a subjective question, and you need to check in particular states. Like they are legal in California.

Are hoverboards legal in Asia?

Yes, they are legal in most Asian countries.  

Are hoverboards a good source of transportation?

Yes, they are good for you if allowed and approved in your country.

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