Can Hoverboards Get Wet?

Can Hoverboards Get Wet

Hoverboards are of great convenience not because it helps you reach your destination, but because they also allow you to modify your ride. You can do that by installing several gears like lights, bells, and even speakers but, can hoverboards get wet? The hoverboards are able to handle a vast number of grounds, say from sidewalks to grassy terrains.

Among portable self-balancing vehicles, hoverboards are the most sophisticated. Would a few drips of water are all it takes to seriously harm these little electric cars? Are they waterproof? And what should you do if the hoverboard gets wet?

Considering hoverboards are relatively new gadgets, several concerns exist about these impressive self-balancing scooters. For instance, can hoverboards get wet is a top searched query by several aficionados. This post gleans insightful insights on hoverboard’s relation to water and other safety precautions to ensure your device’s durability

Can Hoverboards Get Wet? 

Hoverboards, akin to most electronics, don’t like water. This is especially true with the hoverboard’s motherboard, whereby contact with water and any liquids can cause havoc to the device.

Also, the hoverboard’s battery can get damaged upon the slightest touch with water. Still, this doesn’t mean you should hide your self-balance scooter with the slightest drizzle.

Instead, it’s vital to avoid going out when heavily pouring or gliding through wet patches and, worse, ramping it into a pool.

Why Are Hoverboards Not Fond of Water?

Hoverboards are fantastic rides, very convenient, and improve your reflexes. It has several advantages, but you should strictly avoid using it through wet patches and puddles.

Can hoverboards get wet? If that is all you are thinking about, then let me tell you, these boards are constructed using electrical components that are very vulnerable to water. 

These boards use lithium-ion cells and motherboards that are not water-resistant. So, if you ride it when it’s pouring out and gets wet, it won’t melt but will stop working.

Some companies have introduced hoverboards that have the capability of resisting water to some extent. Some can withstand light showers and can survive driving over puddles if you make it out quickly. Nevertheless, it is better not to go riding over wetlands, and it is not a good idea.

If the battery and circuit get exposed to water, it is a wrap. Electrical components just do not go along. The moment your hoverboard’s elements get all soaked, it will be dark for your ride.

Hoverboards + Watery Surfaces = An Unchancy Combo

So now you know that riding over puddles is not an option for you. So, what about riding through wetlands and see some water splashing? Well, if you are planning to do stunts, Ghost rider, that’s a NO!

All hoverboards come with 6 to 10-inch tires for hard surfaces. Keep in mind that these tires are not for driving through watery terrains. Because there is a greater risk of losing traction, and if the water gets into the hoverboard, you will end up damaging your ride.

Hence, if you think your hoverboard will be fine after all those stunts, do give it a second thought.

Warranties Do Not Like to Deal with Water

Almost every electronic appliance or product you purchase comes with a warranty. And, these appliances absolutely love their warranty period. After all, who does not love some free repair services?

However, even the most pleasant and generous manufacturer will have a clause if your appliance ends up damaged due to water. That is why before you make a purchase, you need to understand their warranty schemes and look if they provide an extended warranty. 

Extended warranties have come in various forms. They can either extend the warranty period of their product or give away some more coverage not found under a limited-time warranty.

An extended warranty can give you free servicing against accidents, damage due to water, or even both.  


Can hoverboards get wet? Yes, hoverboards do get wet, but they will not meltdown, or nothing will go wrong with their exterior. The more you try to avoid riding on wet surfaces or over muddy puddles and keep aside the Ghostrider spirit in you, it will be good for you and your hoverboard.

These a designed to ride on dry terrains. You can go uphill or down if you have the right balance. You can go ahead and modify your hoverboard as you please but strictly avoid going into wet surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do If My Hoverboard Gets Wet?

It totally depends on various factors like – how thick and dirty the muddy water was, how soaked it is or if it has some water resisting properties.

If your ride gets wet, remember you are not dealing with a wet phone that can dump it in a rice container, and it would work just fine. No, a hoverboard has a more complicated circuit inside.

If your hoverboard is wet, here is what you can do, get off your hoverboard. Consider turning it off immediately and carry it home. Contact your manufacturer immediately!

If you have a valid warranty, take it to your nearest authorized service center.

Should I Charge My Self-Balancing Board Overnight?

In my honest opinion, I would it’s better that you don’t charge your ride overnight. Because the hoverboard takes only three hours to get fully charged, and on the contrary, you sleep for eight hours.

Hence, it will be a lot better to charge it during the day when you are not using it.

Can Some Hoverboards Be Waterproof?

Some claim that their hoverboards are waterproof, but that is not the case here. If you have a hoverboard with an IP54 mark, it does not mean it’s waterproof. The most it can do is to resist minor splashes and drizzles. That’s pretty much it. So to keep it functional, do not use it on wet surfaces or when it’s raining out.

Do hoverboards have a weight limit? 

Yes. Hoverboards have a weight limit. In fact, adhering to a smart wheel balance weight limit is essential to guarantee optimal safety when riding the device. Failing to adhere to a hoverboard’s weight limit can cause injury to the user and the hoverboard. 

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