How Heavy Is Hoverboard?

How Heavy Is Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are ecstatic to ride on. But you won’t always be riding on a hoverboard; there will be times when you have to carry it around. The reason can be a low battery or the rugged terrains where you ride.

As a result, a hoverboard’s weight is essential to consider when purchasing these handy devices. Also, the weight of a hoverboard plays a critical role in determining a rider’s weight limit.

How much does a hoverboard weigh? Well, it depends on the model and make of the hoverboard. Some hoverboards can weigh as little as 10 pounds, while others may weigh up to 30 pounds. The weight of the hoverboard also depends on the materials that it is made out of.

As you can imagine, self-balancing scooters with minimum weight tend to support lighter riders and vice versa. So, regressing our top priority; how heavy is hoverboard? Unfortunately, there isn’t a definite answer. Instead, as extensively outlined in this post, several factors determine the overall weight.

How Heavy Is Hoverboard?

To know how heavy is hoverboard, you have to understand the weight range of hoverboards. The hoverboards are mostly heavyweight. The weight of the hoverboard is 20pounds or above. 

Use hoverboard bags to carry hoverboards so that you can carry them with ease. The weight of the hoverboard can weigh from 20pound and reach up to 40 pounds. As we have mentioned, hoverboards are heavy. Here is some reason that adds up to the weight of the hoverboard.

  • Tires: If you want the hoverboards to go faster, then you need bigger and heavier tires. The material and size of the tire influence the weight of the hoverboards.
  • Body: The hoverboard body is made of ABS plastic, magnesium alloy, and aluminum frames. The material of the hoverboard influences the bodyweight of the hoverboards.
  • Batteries: The size of batteries affects the weight of the hoverboard. The average size hoverboard can give a mileage of 12-15mph. The hoverboard with bigger batteries provides continuous power flow and does not break down often.
  • Technology: Bluetooth speakers, GPS can affect the weight of the hoverboards. These technologies are installed in the hoverboard to make your ride intriguing. Moreover, these features are the backbone behind the heavyweight. If you are looking for a lighter hoverboard, make a small sacrifice and shift to the hoverboards without these technologies.

Overall, hoverboards’ weight average between 20-30 pounds ( 9-14kgs ). Still, kids’ hoverboards tend to be lighter, with some weighing 17.5 pounds ( 8kgs ) and a maximum of 35 pounds ( 16kgs ).

Why Does Weight Matter?

Why is it important to know how heavy is hoverboard? The weight of the hoverboard directly affects the ride. If the hoverboard is heavier, then you would have to put more force to ride smoothly. 

For instance, if you are lighter in weight, you would not be able to control the heavyweight in turns, leading to accidents. Moreover, you won’t reach the optimum speed if your body weight ratio with the hoverboard is unbalanced.

Heavy hoverboards are designed to carry heavy riders. The hoverboards are around 45pounds because the technology on the hoverboard requires this weight to function. Look for the weight minimum and maximum before buying a hoverboard.

What Happens When the Weight Is Too Light?

As it has been established that the weight of the bike is a factor that influences the ride of the driver. If the hoverboard isn’t heavy, it won’t have a great motor or battery. When the battery or motor is below par level, it won’t be very good at speed.

Weight Limit of Hoverboard

The hoverboards have a weight limit. The limits for kids and adults are different. The minimum weight limit, i.e., the weight limit for kids, is 44lbs which is 22Kg. The average upper weight limit of hoverboards is 150lbs. This way, anyone above the age of six can ride on a hoverboard. 

Hoverboard Bag

If you have a big hoverboard, then you must have a hoverboard bag to carry. If the hoverboard does not come with a hoverboard bag, you can buy it from the market. Many brands offer hoverboard bags. 

The good news is that a hoverboard’s weight shouldn’t be a concerning factor when acquiring one. Thanks to carry bags, carrying a hoverboard don’t have to be intimidating.

Get a bag of good quality that can carry bags of any weight and size. The design should be like a duffle bag with straps to carry.


We have answered how heavy is hoverboard is and what contributes to the weight of the hoverboard. The heavy hoverboards are made to carry heavier weights. The wheels, material of the body, and size of the hoverboard contribute to the weight of the hoverboard. 

We have listed all the factors that contribute to the weight of the hoverboard. The weight is crucial as it helps balance the hoverboard with ease—most of the hoverboards in the market fall between 20-35lbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy do you need to be to ride on a hoverboard?

The minimum age limit of the hoverboard is 22kg for kids, and the maximum weight limit is 120kg for adults—the hoverboard is all about balance. If you can balance it well, you can ride with ease. The weight limit on the hoverboard ensures the person can balance it well while riding.

How much does a hoverboard weigh?

The hoverboard weighs around 20-25 pounds on average. However, the big-size hoverboard can weigh up to 35 pounds, and the lightweight hoverboards weigh below 20pounds.

Can a hoverboard carry 300pounds?

Yes, a hoverboard can carry 300 pounds. The Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 can carry people weighing 300pounds. The maximum weight capacity of the hoverboard is 420lbs.

What Happens If You Are Too Heavy to Ride on A Hoverboard?

Continuing to ride on a hoverboard with too much weight can damage the hoverboards. The batteries may break down as they have to put more pressure on the motor for power output. Moreover, it can cause some unwanted accidents.

Hoverboards are not a tool for transporting heavy items. The hoverboard’s battery, along with the framework, damages when too much weight is put on it.

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