What Is the Fastest Hoverboard?

What Is the Fastest Hoverboard

Hoverboards are innovative, practical, eco-friendly, and handy devices. Undoubtedly, self-balancing scooters rank top among the most innovative inventions of the 2010s.

Because there are so many hoverboards on the market, it’s simple to purchase the incorrect one. Additionally, not all of them have safety certifications or are sturdy enough to support an adult.

Although hoverboard popularity continues to skyrocket, there are several unanswered queries about these magnificent devices considering they are still relatively new. A top concern for many individuals is what is the fastest hoverboard?

Read more about smart wheel balances and other intricacies contributing to a hoverboard’s speed.

What Is the Fastest Hoverboard?

The speed of a hoverboard depends on various factors. But, to answer your question, what is the fastest hoverboard? We will let you know.

Currently, Halo rover X is reportedly the fastest hoverboard. If you’re a fan of speed, you’re going to just love this. It has a 10-mph speed and can cover the whole 10 mph in one charge session! Unbelievable, right? But this is true, buddy. 

Halo rover X’s robust motor contributes to this hoverboard’s top speed. In addition, it has 800 watts making it one of the most powerful self-balancing scooters on the market. The ul-certified LG lithium-ion battery is yet another feature that optimizes this gadget’s capabilities.

Besides speed, the Halo rover X is generally a top-ranking hoverboard. With wheels measuring 8.5 inches, this self-balancing scooter can handle all types of terrains with superb design. Not to mention the ability to hold 44-260 pounds.

The advanced hardware and software technology, such as IP-X4 water resistance, LED headlights, and three training modes, make the riding experience seamless. In sum, the Halo rover X is exceptionally a magnificent hoverboard.

There are other fast hoverboards such as the Magic Hover G-F1 that can clock 12mph, the F1 Gyroor with a top speed of 10 mph, and the Swagtron T6 outlaw with a similar top speed.

Still, all features inclusive, the Halo rover X outshines most hoverboards in terms of speed, efficiency, and exceptional rider experience.

But beware! If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start slow. I get it, and you’re saying it’s cliché advice. And you’re saying, come on, I can handle it. Well, you can risk buying a fast one as a beginner if you don’t mind breaking your kneecaps? After all, experience is the nest teacher. 

Otherwise, it’s not a wise decision. Or you are slipping down in front of a car. It sounds like an adventure, right? But, no! safety should always come first since precaution is better than cure!

How Do Hoverboards Work?

Hoverboards are self-driven scooters. Some which stay above the ground have electromagnets. These work with inductors to create magnetic fields which ensure that the board floats in the air and moves. 

Plus, they have a pivot in the center and a motor that sustains them. You get sensors in both footpads that can trigger infrared LED; turning on and off these lights help in direction detection. You can change directions by using these sensors and lights. It requires footwork to control your self-scooters. But, once you master it, you can enjoy your rides.

To move your hoverboard, you can step on your hoverboard and slightly lean in the direction you want to turn. Most have unconnected motors so that you can do spins and circles too.

Now, you have an idea of how this thing works. So, you might imagine what can happen if it is fast enough! You know the dangers, right?

What Are the Ways to Upgrade Your Hoverboard?

You want to upgrade your hoverboard to make it faster. Great, go for it. But remember that it can cause more problems than anything good. It can also make you lose your warranty.

One of the ways which won’t cause you any harm is to check if your hoverboard or panel contains dirt. If it does, this can considerably slow down your hoverboard. So, you should clean your hoverboard panel to ensure it flies or hovers. Not technically, you know, right? 

You can also increase speed by changing your leg motions and applying different pressure in different positions. This can work by changing pressure on sensors and LED lights, thus turning on different points.

Tips For Choosing a Good Hoverboard

The fastest hoverboard isn’t the best hoverboard for you. Instead, you should choose a hoverboard depending on your style and comfort level.

Also, don’t believe everything you see; most brands claim the mph is good in perfect conditions but not on roads. So, try to do a little research before getting one.

Plus, it is good to have one in which you can alter between slow and fast. Hoverboards offering training mode are ideal for this. You can get one having this issue. 


Hoverboards are a great way to have fun. You can easily enjoy your way back from home to school and school to home or anywhere. However, the fastest hoverboard may not be the best fit for you. The fastest one can go up to 10 mph, but the average speed is 6-8, still fast. So you can still use them if you want but be careful.

Having cleared all doubts on what is the fastest hoverboard still, it’s best to do extensive research and settle on a device that fits your desires before purchasing one. Importantly, remember safety is a top concern when gliding a hoverboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can Lamborghini hoverboards go?

They can go up to 9 miles per hour. But it depends on what material is used in manufacturing them. It also depends on the power of the motor. Also, the type of wheels used and the safety standards and limits followed.

What is the fastest hoverboard price?

This can range anywhere from $180 to $300. The price keeps on changing, though.

Do hoverboards catch fire?

Yes, they can. Hoverboards have sodium-lithium batteries, which can explode on overheating.

How Much Weight Can a Hoverboard hold?

There isn’t a hard and fast rule to the weight limit of hoverboards. Instead, several hoverboard sizes are designed to cater to a specific weight.

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