How Safe are Hoverboards?

How Safe are Hoverboards

Hoverboards became famous when they hit the scene in 2015, and they were a prompt achievement. Otherwise called self-adjusting or two-wheelers, these pairs of wheels can be an excellent method to get around. But, notwithstanding, many guardians started to ponder — exactly how risky are hoverboards? So in this article, you get to know exactly how safe are hoverboards? And about all the risk it has.

Injury from falls is a possibility, especially for new riders. Most hoverboard users are children and also unskilled. But there are aspects to consider in terms of safety when using a hoverboard.

How Safe are Hoverboards?

Hoverboards are versatile individual movers who get you starting with one objective and then onto the next, quicker than strolling. Yet, Hoverboards have a significant cool factor that will have children asking for their own. 

Hoverboards can be a fun gadget for your kids meanwhile at the same time it also consists of many risks that one needs to acknowledge before making a purchase.

1. Numerous Hoverboards Are Catching on Fire

According to a report done by the consumer product safety commission {CPSC} in different states, more than 40 hoverboards have caught fire and exploded during a charging session.

2. They are Quite Expensive

Well, Hoverboards pricing may vary from brand to brand and by their models; however, on average, it cost you about $400 to $1000. Quite an expensive deal, right? 

It cost a lot, so before making a purchase, go through this article to know the fact that How safe are hoverboards? And are they good for your kid?

3. Your Child Could Even Face a Serious Injury.

There are now genuine reports of hoverboard wounds that incorporate falls, cracks, cerebrum wounds, and broken bones from riders not just tumbling off their hoverboard because they were not wearing defensive caps or cushions. 

On the off chance that you conclude that you will permit a hoverboard in your home or that your kid is equipped for utilizing one, defensive stuff and great, strong shoes should be a requirement.

How Does It Work?

Despite their name, hoverboards don’t drift or buoy about the ground. They work more like a self-adjusting bike. They have two wheels that turn over the ground, are controlled by engines, and are complete with sensors to distinguish what direction you need to head. The bikes don’t have handlebars, which makes them genuinely precarious to work. Instead, riders should control the gadget utilizing only their feet: to push ahead, you lean forward, pushing down with your toes. To go in reverse, you lean in reverse, pushing down with your heels. 

It’s not difficult to perceive any reason why such countless individuals need hoverboards: they’re unquestionably remarkable. 

Statistics to Determine Hoverboard Injury

How frequently does a fall result in a genuine hoverboard injury? Insights from the American Academy of Pediatrics study show that around 26,854 youngsters visited a crisis office with a hoverboard injury during 2015 and 2016. The normal age of a harmed youngster was 11, with young men being somewhat more regular than young ladies (52% of the kids seen were young men). 

Kids were probably going to harm their wrists, lower arms, and heads. The most well-known wounds were:

  • Injuries (17%) 
  • Cracks (40%) 
  • Strains/hyper-extends (13%) 

These statistics tell themselves how safe Hoverboards are to use. So if your kid is demanding this, then make sure to keep safety precautions.

Safety Precautions Keeping in Mind While Using Hoverboards

Anyway, if skateboards and hoverboards are hazardous, how might you guard your children when utilizing a wheeled toy? Here are a few hints from pediatric crisis medication doctor Jerri Rose, MD: 

  • Expect kids to wear defensive stuff.
  • Try not to permit them to ride in or close to traffic. 
  • On the off chance that is proper for the action, select your kid in exercises. Figuring out how to fall appropriately while skating.
  • Peruse all the maker bearings, including any age or weight limitations. 
  • Try not to utilize any mechanized toy that overheats. 
  • Just use the accusing rope that happened to the item.
  • Ensure the wheeled gadget your youngster utilizes is liberated from trash and not exhausted.

These are some precautions one needs to keep in mind before making use.


Here comes the question again: how safe are hoverboards? Well, hoverboard perils are a worry. It’s in every case best to know about what your youngster needs. Wrist and lower leg injuries can, for the most part, be treated with rest, ice, pressure, rise (RICE), and over-the-counter analgesics like ibuprofen, Dr. Rose says. In case there’s severe agony or expanding in the furthest points after a fall, or on the other hand, if the aggravation isn’t improving, it’s an ideal opportunity to make a regular checkup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Dangerous are Hoverboards Really?

A few makers began selling hoverboards that were not assessed for quality or security until soon after their introduction. News reports uncovered potential hoverboard risks — mechanized sheets suddenly overheating, bursting into flames, and causing consumption.

Are Hoverboards Safe in 2020?

Fire and blast risks were the primary source of genuine wounds, including hoverboards, made by organizations including Sonic Smart, Smart Balance, iRover, and Vaccaro. There have likewise been reports of genuine injuries, including breaks, broken bones, and mental wounds.

Are Hoverboards Safe for 10 Years old?

Indeed, hoverboards are alright for youngsters. They were at first intended for youngsters to appreciate. Ensure your child or girl has suitable security gear when riding.

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