One Side of My Hoverboard Is Not Working

One Side of My Hoverboard Is Not Working

You must first attempt to determine the exact issues of the situation. Is it just that your hoverboard won’t turn on? Does it fail to hold a charge?

One side of my hoverboard is not working. What to do? This is a pretty common problem; almost every hoverboard owner experiences this at least once.

Hoverboards are fun, aren’t they? But malfunctioning hoverboards isn’t fun at all. Nonetheless, you need to get your hoverboard. Let’s have a look at the possibilities, reasons, and solutions to this problem.

One Side of My Hoverboard Is Not Working

One side of my hoverboard is not working. Why? How to fix it? You may know that a wrong response can be responsible for this particular problem. If you ask this former question, it is good to assume that you are familiar with a hoverboard. And you must have enjoyed various rides on it. But once you are all set to go somewhere, you are surprised one side of your hoverboard stopped working. Now what? 

First of all, don’t panic. This is not a very big problem. However, in case both sides stop working, then you will be in much more trouble. Well, it’s not easy to face such a situation without panicking but try to be relaxed.

In this blog, you get a complete breakdown of why your hoverboard stopped working, how to fix it, and some issues related to hoverboards. 

Why Is Just One Side of Your Hoverboard Working?

Hoverboard owners encounter several problems. However, this is a relatively less complicated problem considering hoverboards. 

Now, what causes this problem? This can happen due to various reasons. First, the gyroscope gets blamed more than often for the cause. Usually, motherboards aren’t the problem. Or wheel motors can also get damaged sometimes. But, speaking from experience, the gyroscope is the real culprit.

How To Fix Your Hoverboard?

There are many ways to help you fix your hoverboard. First and foremost, we will consider a bad gyroscope as the problem. Before fixing your gyroscope, you need to know what type you have. Male gyroscopes and female gyroscopes are two types of gyroscopes available in the market. 

If yours has two receiving ports and one wire harness connected to the device and coming out of the board, then it’s a male gyroscope. But in case you have a gyroscope, having 3-4 gyroscopes and no wire harness attached to it, then it’s a female one.

Let’s get to fixing it. Now, you know what type of gyroscope you have. So, how to fix it. Well, these can’t be repaired. You should just change it. You need to have the same type which was previously connected to your vehicle. But the color is not a problem. You may or may not order a gyroscope of the same color, depending on your preference. The color doesn’t affect its performance and coordination abilities. 

If your hoverboard is still in warranty, then you are lucky. You can show the problem to the seller and get a new hoverboard in exchange. Amazing! Right? It is. 

Hoverboard – Problems

Hoverboards are attached to several problems. One of the serious problems is when both wheels brake simultaneously. It can be very troublesome for you, especially if you are not a pro at handling your hoverboard. 

Another one is that when your hoverboard lights turn red automatically, it means loose wires or faulty connections. You need to fix your circuits. Sometimes, you need to check the brakes and attachments as they may malfunction after a period. You should routinely check your hoverboard to be aware of issues.


One side of my hoverboard is not working. Now, you know what to do if this happens. Most probably, you just need to change your gyroscope, and you will be good to go. And if you have a warranty, you can get an exchange. 

By now, you must have gained knowledge regarding various hu board issues and how to tackle them. So be ready to rock your hoverboard and hover!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my hoverboard not working?

This can happen because your charging port got damaged or isn’t plugged. You can unscrew the wires and plug and check to see. If the connections are loose, you should fix this. This will presumably solve your problems.

Why is my hoverboard beeping and not moving?

Sometimes, your battery may be low, resulting in a sedentary hoverboard. Other than that, your wheels may have got damaged and need to be repaired or changed.

Are hoverboards safe?

Yes, hoverboards are safe. Well, accidents do occur, but it is safe mostly. 

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