How to Fix the Hoverboard Charger?

How to Fix the Hoverboard Charger

Hoverboards have been all the rage in recent years, but they can be tricky to keep charged. If you’re having trouble charging your hoverboard, read on to learn more.

You have bought your hoverboard. However, you may be perplexed about charging them overboard and all the issues you are encountering. So innumerable questions regarding the hoverboard can go around in your mind.

What can you possibly do if your hoverboard isn’t charging? How to fix the hoverboard charger? And how can you determine if the hoverboard needs a charge or is fully charged? What do you think?

How long will it take for your hoverboard to get fully charged? Well, you need to read further to get complete knowledge about the complete troubleshooting guide for your hoverboard charger. 

How to Fix the Hoverboard Charger? Is It Getting Too Hot? 

It relies on if the hoverboard charger gets a normal hot while charging the unit. It is still okay. If your hoverboard isn’t charging, but on the contrary, it gets heated, it probably indicates damage. The most you can do is you can go and check for a holographic UL-certification sticker that assures it sticks to electrical and fire safety criteria. The chargers should also be UL-certified.

There are many ways to fix a hoverboard charger. Some chargers malfunction or break down due to a depleted battery, misaligned charging port, or wiring problem.

Here Are a Few Steps You Can Take to Analyze the Problem with Your Hoverboard Charger

  • Plug in the hoverboard’s charger that indicates the green light.
  • Connect the charger to the hoverboard to indicate a red flash from it.
  • If none of the charger lights flash, it is a clear indication of having a poorly designed electrical outlet, or it can be of a defective battery.
  • If you see the light not working, switch the outlets and repeat the steps mentioned above.
  • If the red light or green lights resume not to blink, there is likely a problem with your battery, misaligned charging port, or defective wiring.
  • If your hoverboard battery’s indicator blinks orange, it indicates a defective battery and required replacement.

Steps to Fix the Misaligned Charging Port

  • Locate the hoverboard charge port, which carries three pins and a plastic pug. 
  • You need to ensure that your charger cable sits flush with the tab before you plug it in.
  • You need to check that the charger light must turn red upon the entry and then green once partly or fully charged.

Steps to Check and Replace the Depleted Battery

  • Look closely and find the area of charging and power buttons.
  • With the help of a screwdriver, you need to screw out all the screws that you find on the shell’s opposite side.
  • Then remove the shell.
  • Try to pull up all of the cables carefully. Some are brought together using hot glue, and you will need a basic pinch clasp to eliminate it.
  • Next, again you will need your screwdriver to screw off the screws from the battery’s cabinet.
  • Drop out the battery.
  • Then reconnect a substitute battery by sliding it back then into the panel.
  • At last, finish steps 2 through 6 in a reverse manner.
  • These steps can resolve your issue of how to fix the hoverboard charger if it encounters problems, as mentioned above.

How Much Time Does a Hoverboard Need to Get Fully Charged?

Typically, a hoverboard takes around 2-3 hours to get ultimately charged. Hence, this is a fact, and the same is applicable for most of the hoverboard brands. Primarily, the charging outlet of hoverboards relies on their sizes.

A larger hoverboard takes a long time to get ultimately charged. Again, though, you should be cautious while setting up the hoverboard because it has been recommended not to keep your hoverboard too long to charge up.

Are These Hoverboards Safe to Ride? 

Yes, hoverboards are very safe to ride around. But, you have to be cautious while charging up the hoverboards. Apart from that, if you have a counterfeit hoverboard, these troubleshoot guidelines are beneficial.

Moreover, you should follow these procedures carefully. There is no need to be concerned if you have a UL-certified hoverboard.

And you can charge your hoverboard anytime you want without bothering about anything. No matter how safe these are, you should always consider taking some precautionary measures with the certified hoverboards to prevent risky outcomes.


How to fix the hoverboard chargers doesn’t have a complex problem. However, you need to be cautious and be careful while you face such trouble. The above troubleshooting guide and the major reasons are here to help you. 

Numerous hoverboards don’t operate properly because of the trouble with the charger. So, we withstand this problem by giving you ample information to resolve it on your own.

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Frequently Asked Question 

Why Is My Hoverboard Charger Not Working Properly?

It can be due to many reasons that can cause a hoverboard decline to perform. Generally, a defective battery of a hoverboard is unable to retain the required amount of charge because of its inaccurate three-pin alignment or because of any problem inflicted by a faulty motherboard.

Is It Possible to Fix Up the Hoverboard Charger Port?

You can easily fix a loosened charger port of a hoverboard. If the charging port is still okay-ish, functions well, and is salvageable, that will resolve your issues if you can tighten it from inside. However, if the charging port’s wires have been frayed or cut, acquiring a new hoverboard charging port may be reasonable.

Can You Overcharge Your Hoverboard?

It means that overcharging your best hoverboard by 4 to 5 hours can lead to burning out the battery signifying, it will not be as productive and may need to charge up more often and for a longer time. 

Do hoverboards have a weight limit? 

Yes. Hoverboards have a weight limit. In fact, adhering to a smart wheel balance weight limit is essential to guarantee optimal safety when riding the device. Failing to adhere to a hoverboard’s weight limit can cause injury to the user and the hoverboard

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