How to Fix a Broken Hoverboard?

One Side of My Hoverboard Is Not Working

These scooters can be really enjoyable and reasonably priced. However, they may experience a variety of problems while being used, each of which calls for some routine upkeep and repair.

A hoverboard isn’t just a fun toy; it’s also a useful device that helps kids get from point A to point B in style and with more self-confidence. Owners of self-balancing scooters should be aware of the problems they face. We will guide you with the best ways of how to fix a broken hoverboard? 

The reason for a broken hoverboard could be internal malfunction such as the red light constantly blinking or the sensors are going rogue. However, if the damage explicitly occurs on the exterior, be ready to look for new parts. 

There is nothing that a right repairing manual cannot fix, and this article will direct you to fix a broken hoverboard. 

How to Fix a Broken Hoverboard?

Every electronic gadget or motor needs a proper inspection so that you could understand the root cause of the defect appropriately. Some problems could occur repeatedly, and in that case, it becomes essential to replace them. 

Here are a few common indicators showing that the electric scooter has a defect and a direction towards how to fix the broken hoverboard? 

1. Flashing of the Red Light

Every good manufacturer in the market is designing an electronic gadget, keeping in mind that the user can self-diagnose it without any added trouble when a problem arises. 

The red light on a hoverboard plays an LED light that indicates additional damage by Blinking a certain number of times. 

  • Red light flashing once means that within the internal circuit board, there is loose wiring. Hence, one needs to remove the external casing and connect the flexible wire. 
  • Red light flashing 2-3 times in a consistent pattern would mean that the internal circuit board has had significant damage. Although there are replacement kits available online, you should consider taking a professional’s assistance. 
  • Red light flashing more than four times is an indication that your hoverboard needs a complete motor replacement. The installation part is a complex process. So, again the best choice would be to find a professional. 
  • Red light flashing six times means the hoverboard’s battery has turned faulty over time. The hoverboard has a lithium battery that tends to get damaged with time. So after a quick change of battery, your hoverboard would be good as new. 
  • If Red light blinks more than eight times in a pattern, it is probably a defect in the gyroscopes of the electronic scooter. They are responsible for maintaining balance through sensors on the board. Changing the particular part and test riding it again would confirm whether the problem is fixed or not. 

2. Damaged Charging Port

It is a relatively accessible problem to detect since it not only happens to a hoverboard but sometimes to our smartphones too. 

Whenever the charger is plugged into the charging port, it is probably damaged and needs fixing if the light does not turn on. 

3. Broken Frame of a Hoverboard

Few reasons explicitly require you to consider changing your hoverboard frame immediately, such as:

  • If the frame is bent in the middle.
  • If both the sides of the frame are not rotating.
  • If both the sides of the hoverboard are coming apart.
  • Alternatively, both the sides of the hoverboard are rotating full 360 Degrees.

Suppose one does not replace the broken frame. In that case, there are chances that it could cut through the battery wire, causing a short circuit which is very dangerous while riding the scooter. 

4. The Hoverboard does not turn on

There are mainly three reasons why a hoverboard is not turning on. A green light that is visible when the hoverboard is on the charging mode could help in figuring that out:

  • If the green light on the charging box disappears, an internal circuit malfunction requires a replacement.
  • If the green light on the charging box is still on, turn on the hoverboard in the charging mode. Post the turning on of the scooter. If the battery indicator on the board flashes an orange light, it would mean lousy battery health. Hence replacing your battery is necessary to fix the issue.
  • Even if you connect the hoverboard to a charger, but it still does not turn it on. It probably means the charging port is broken. 

Resetting The Hoverboard To Balance The Ride

Sometimes, resetting the hoverboard enables one to balance the ride, which would mean fixing the movement and sensor of the hoverboard. Hence, what one could do is:

  • Make sure the hoverboard is on a sitting level with the wheels on the ground
  • Press the power button for about 10 seconds. 
  • During these 10 seconds, ignore all the blinking and sounds made by the hoverboard.
  • Leave the power button now and turn off the hoverboard.
  • It shows that the hoverboard has been reset and is ready to be turned on again.


All the defaults mentioned above are widespread when it comes to damage to your hoverboard. Electronic gadgets, especially a scooter are expensive to manage. However, it becomes even more essential to learn how to fix a broken hoverboard, as repairing the same could cost you a lot of money.

Issues as standard as resetting the scooter, changing the battery, or even removing a broken frame could be done with the help of a friend or someone at home. Things might be tricky when replacing a whole circuit system and connecting it with the proper wires so that the hoverboard becomes functional again. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Hoverboard be Repaired?

Unlike your automobiles, Hoverboards are not very complicated to understand. Once the various parts are understandable to you, it would become easier to diagnose the problem. Moreover, it is easier to find the hoverboard parts and replace them for better functioning. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Hoverboard?

If you consider getting the parts and repairing yourself, the cost would be relatively lesser and somewhere between; $20-$90. Nevertheless, taking a professional’s help along with the added cost for all the required parts would cost you $150 or more. 

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