How to Connect Bluetooth to Your Hoverboard?

How to Connect Bluetooth to Your Hoverboard

So, you just got your new cool hoverboard, and it is meant to have this incredible function called Bluetooth that lets you enjoy your riding while playing your favorite jam. But there is a significant problem here. You don’t have perfect knowledge of how to connect Bluetooth to your hoverboard. 

Hoverboards are becoming increasingly popular, and one of the most common questions people ask is how to connect Bluetooth to their hoverboard. The process is actually quite simple and only takes a few minutes.

Well, this article will instruct you about how to connect your mobile, be it Android or iPhone, or any device that lets you play music over Bluetooth. It will guide you through all the basic steps to connect and play music by establishing a secure connection using Bluetooth to your hoverboard.

How to Connect Bluetooth to Your Hoverboard?

Pairing the Bluetooth with your hoverboard is relatively basic, and this direction given in this write-up will show you the procedures regarding how to securely connect your mobile to the hoverboard’s Bluetooth for playing music. Right here, we will elaborate the steps as clearly as we can. 

Overview of The Steps for Connection of Bluetooth Hoverboard Pairing –

  • Go to your mobile device and swipe down; the toolbar will appear, there, you will find the Bluetooth option. Or you can directly head to your phone steering and turn the Bluetooth.
  • Try Scanning for available devices and when the hoverboard’s option appears, press the option to connect the hoverboard.
  • Your hoverboard will notify you with a vibration or ping that the connection has been established.
  • Head to your music player and select your favorable track. Click the play button, and the music will start playing on the speakers installed in your hoverboard.

There are only countable hoverboards that feature Bluetooth. Some hoverboards may ask for a password for establishing a connection. Say 12345 or go through the manual/manufacturer’s manual or website for detailed information.

Elaborated Steps for Connection of Bluetooth Hoverboard Pairing

#Step 1

You need to turn on your mobile’s Bluetooth before you begin to connect your mobile to the hoverboard. As aforementioned, you can do this from the toolbar or the settings.

Before you start to connect the Bluetooth on your Android phone to your hoverboard, move into your settings and enable Bluetooth settings in your phone.

#Step 2

Next, turn on the Bluetooth option on your hoverboard. When the Bluetooth gets turned on, your mobile can “discover the hoverboard” so that you can connect your mobile and hoverboard instantly.

#Step 3

Then, head to your mobile and enable the search for new devices. And when you get to see your hoverboard’s name on your screen, click on it. The device name can be such as these HX-BLUETOOTH, WHEEL MUSIC, BLUETOOTH, etc.

#Step 4

The moment you click on the newly discovered name (hoverboard’s name) shown on your mobile screen, your hoverboard will notify you with a sound.  

Your mobile is now ready to pair, and now you can easily play your songs from your playlist from your phone to the hoverboard. If you want to know the default password to your Bluetooth, these are usually set using a digit combination like 2234 or 54321.

As you can imagine, how to connect Bluetooth to your hoverboard doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Still, you might encounter some mishaps as we have outlined below.

Bluetooth Connection Problem Issues and Solving Techniques

The hoverboard will not initiate the response to Bluetooth pairing if –

  • Bluetooth Not Turning On

If either of the device’s Bluetooth is not responding, then ensure that you have turned the Bluetooth of both the devices.

In this case, let me tell you that the hoverboards can turn their Bluetooth on automatically. However, if it fails to find a connection within 2 minutes, it will shut off. Therefore, to set the connection between two devices, you have to restart the hoverboard again. If your device is still not connecting, long tap on the device’s name, and you will see “forget connection” click on it. Again, restart the process.

  • Inadequate Charge

If either of your devices is not connecting, it is possible that your hoverboard is not having a sufficient amount of charge. If so, you need to charge your hoverboard and try again. 

  • Devices Are Far-Off

You will not be able to establish a secure Bluetooth connection if both the devices are far off each other. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the devices you strive to pair are within a range of three feet. The range will get connected within three feet of distance. Once both the devices are in pairing range, try reconnecting your phone to the hoverboard.

  • A Lot of Devices Connected

Your hoverboard will not get connected to your mobile if you have too many devices on the list already looking for connections. If your devices cannot connect after this, you have to remove all the devices that you connected in the past.

When you are done with all the removing, try one more time.


How to Connect Bluetooth to your hoverboard is primarily not a major issue. To do the task, you have to follow the procedures step-by-step ardently.

For your knowledge, we have also discussed some common errors and their problem-solving methods that you can encounter while connecting your Bluetooth to the hoverboard. These methods would immediately solve your difficulty of connecting the Bluetooth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reset Your Hoverboard Fast?

You can reset your hoverboard by not moving your hoverboard and a 10-second long press on the power button. Ignore all the flashing lights and beeps in this all 10 seconds. Then it would help if you let go of the power button and switched off the hoverboard. You have successfully reset your hoverboard, and it is ready to be on the road.

What to Do When My Hoverboard Isn’t Connecting?

If your hoverboard does not switch on, that could mean that your charging port is disconnected or damaged. You can remove or unscrew the bottom of the hoverboard and examine the charging port wires for the faults and make sure that it is plugged appropriately. If the charging port is faulty or missing the cables, you need to replace the port.

Why Does My Hoverboard Beep Red?

If the green light blinks in your hoverboard, it indicates your battery level is lower than 20%. If the red light begins beeping, this demonstrates your battery level is very low, which is less than 5%, be cautious not to ride under such a situation. In both cases, you need to charge up your hoverboard in its usual way.

Can Hoverboards Get Wet? 

Akin to most electronics, hoverboards don’t like water. Contact with water and any other liquids can be detrimental to your hoverboard. This is especially true with the device’s motherboard and battery.

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