How Much Weight Can a Hoverboard Hold?

Do Hoverboards Have a Weight Limit

Hoverboards are the cool and popular two-wheel rides that take you from one place to another within a few minutes. Indeed, it can carry weight. But the question is, how much weight can a hoverboard hold? Are you looking for an answer to this question? Then you have landed at the right place. 

No doubt, the weight limit is one of the deciding factors while purchasing hoverboards. Moreover, you should know what weight it can handle without any technical faults. Therefore, here are some guidelines that you can follow before investing in a hoverboard.

Things To Consider Knowing How Much Weight Can a Hoverboard Hold

A hoverboard is a fantastic two-wheeler scooter that makes it easier for you to commute to school or offices.

The hoverboard caters to the need of every individual. You have to look at the weight and size limit while buying a hoverboard. So, how much weight can a hoverboard hold? That depends on the size of the hoverboard.

1. Maximum Weight Limits

The manufacturer puts on the weight limit after testing the trial-and-error method. The overweight on the hoverboards does not mean that you won’t be able to ride on them. But the overweight makes the hoverboard slower, and sometimes it leads to a fault in the system. Therefore, it is better to follow the manual on how much weight a hoverboard can hold

2. Minimum Weight Limit

Just like the maximum weight limit matters, so does the minimum weight limit matter. The prying eyes of users need to find a balance between weight and size. The hoverboards are weight dependent, and if you are below the minimum weight limit, you might not be able to maneuver and control it easily. This can lead to accidents and can be hazardous. 

3. Carry-Ons

When you ride on a bike, you should consider the carry-on weight and your body weight. The carry-on can be anything like a backpack or a box filled with goodies. A bag with items can weigh up to 20lbs. For instance, you weigh 200lbs, and the pack weighs 20lbs. The overall weight the hoverboard has is 220lbs.

Consequences Of Not Following the Weight Limit

How would you like it if your new hoverboard starts breaking down in a couple of months? You might feel it as a wastage of money. This can happen if you weigh over the limit, especially if you consider over a 15pound margin.

1. The Scooter Cracks

The motorized scooter framework has polycarbonate material. This material is durable and lasts long for years but only to a point. When you carry a heavy load on hoverboards, the material eventually cracks, and the electronics get damaged.

2. Damage in Accessory

The accessory of a hoverboard is the wheels, screws, wheel axles, and brackets. When you put too much pressure on these, they start to break or become loose. 

3. Damage in The Motor

The motor works well when you put a limited amount of weight on it. However, when the importance passes the limit, the engine operates under more pressure and eventually stops working.

4. Reduced Battery Life

When the hoverboard exceeds the weight limit, it impacts the overall performance, including the battery life. The battery works effectively to produce enough power output to run the hoverboard smoothly. However, the battery drains much faster on rough terrains than on smooth flat roads.


Hoverboards are fantastic to ride on and easy to balance. But these are not made to carry heavyweights. Instead, each model is specifically designed to carry a limited weight limit. In this article, we have discussed how much weight a hoverboard can hold. Along with that, we have shed light on the consequences of being overweight on hoverboards. 

We hope you will find this helpful, and you have a clear conscience on why weight limit is an essential factor to look at while buying a hoverboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Hoverboard Hold 300 Pounds?

Yes, a hoverboard can hold 300pounds. The Swagrton Swagboard Outlaw T6 off-board hoverboard is the hoverboard for heavy-duty. It has a wide foot pedal that helps in balancing the weight. It has a remarkable capacity and can hold up to 400lbss weight. 

What Hoverboard Holds the Most Weight?

The hoverboards with wide foot paddles hold more weight in comparison to others. The hoverboard which can have the highest weight limit is Swarton Swagboard Outlaw T6. It can easily handle heavy adults of 250lbs and can go up to 400lbs.

Is There a Weight Limit on Hoverboards?

Yes, there is always a weight limit on hoverboards. For example, on a kid’s 4.5-inch hoverboard, the weight limit is 120lbs, i.e., 55kgs. While the adult hoverboards have a weight limit of 250lbs, i.e., 120kg. 

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