How Much Money Is a Segway?

How Much Money Is a Segway

Segway is a self-balancing electric scooter invented by Dean Kamen. The Segway Inc. of New Hampshire, USA, introduced Segway to the public in 2002.

Segway is a novel electric scooter with a balancing handle and is self-balancing transportation that you can use to commute around the city. The Segway is environment friendly, you can travel smoothly on terrains, and it does not produce any noise. 

A Segway is a two-wheeled, electric transporter with steering and stability provided by gyroscopes. The driver leans on a handle in the front to steer, accelerate, and brake while standing or sitting on a platform between the wheels.

Segway are different from hoverboards. They come with a handle that makes them more accessible. But how much money is Segway? That depends on the model and type of scooter you are buying. To know more, read along. 

How Much Does Segway Cost?

Segway is made to imitate the way human walks. It stays balanced at one place just like you are standing. When the rider initially rides on Segway and leans on in a balanced way, it starts and moves forward. It regains the speed like the legs when walking. 

But why should you buy one? Here are some of the benefits of Segway.

1. Durability

The Segway is a lightweight electric scooter. These vehicles are long-lasting. With the rugged and sturdy framework with high-power batteries, the Segway created a durable range of scooters. If you ask how much money is a Segway, it is pretty affordable to buy.

2. Suitable for The Urban Environment

In between the city hustle, we often forget to enjoy the ride. The Segway can scoot between dense traffic on the urban streets. These are easy to park. You can even lift them and take them indoors as they are portable and easy to carry.

3. Eco Friendly

Lithium-ion batteries power Segway. The rechargeable battery is an environmentally friendly option. It does not produce any toxic chemical or gas, and this is the futuristic approach to sustainability. It is safe for the environment, and you don’t have to rely on fuel.

Types Of Segway

The price of Segway depends on the type which you are buying.

1. Personal Transporter

Segway Transporter is the initial and original product that came with two handlebars. Although these are large, the stand-up vehicle has two large wheels and one handle to balance the scooter. Unfortunately, the motor in this is not powerful enough and suitable for commuting in the neighborhood.

2. Self-Balancing Scooters

Segway company produces hoverboards or self-balancing scooters. This is the hand-free version of the original personal transporter. It is designed to be controlled by your body weight. You can move forward and backward by the way you lean on the foot paddles.

3. Electric Scooters

The electric scooters are the most expensive. These are like conventional scooters but powered by rechargeable batteries. However, electric scooters are better than conventional scooters with features like a display board and a folding board Segway.

Segway Pricing

How much money is Segway? The answer depends on the product you are buying and the features it comprises of. 

1. Under $200

The Segway starts at the mere cost of below $200. These are basic low-powered scooters mostly available in kids’ sizes. 

2. In-Between $200 To $500

In this price range, the scooters are high-powered, and you can find plenty of options. Unfortunately, these are big in size and heavier in weight.

3. Above $500

In this price range, you will get premium scooters that are designed for heavy-duty. Some can cost more than $1000, depending upon the features it has. 


The Segway is a one-of-a-kind scooter. It became popular when the concept of electric scooters was novel. Segway has advanced technology, and they can scoot up to 20miles per hour. It also has superior technology like Bluetooth connection, cruise control, LED display, and ambient lighting. We have gone through this article’s benefits and pricing range to understand how much money Segway is. Segways are affordable and easy-to-use scooters. This is mostly used by teens who are always up for fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Segway Cost?

A brand-new scooter Segway can cost anywhere between $200 to $600. In comparison, the hoverboard Segway with a handle can cost between $6000-$8000. The most popular Segway in the market is Segway PT, which will cost above $6000. The other models can vary in price depending upon the features it offers.

How Much Was the Original Segway?

The original Segway cost around $5000 at launch. Then, in 2002, Kamen introduced the first batch of Segway scooters. It delivered six models with three notable features; speed, effortless control, and nickel-metal hydride battery that last up to 6-10miles.

Are Segway Hard to Ride?

No, Segways are not hard to ride. Instead, with its handle, it makes the ride easier. Segway work in the same manner as human walk, making the balance easy, like a cakewalk. The Segway are designed for small commutes, and you can use them for a short distance.

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