How Much Do Segway Weigh?

How Much Do Segway Weigh

Segways are a fun and relaxed way of traveling but having a Segway means you carry it more often than you thought. It makes you think about the weight of the Segway before investing money in it. So, how much do Segway weigh? If you want to know the answer, then read along.

If we talk in exact numbers, most Segway weighs between 20-40 pounds. However, the lightweight Segway approximately weighs below 20 pounds. Read along to know what makes the Segway heavier and how much do Segway weighs

How Much Does the Segway Cost?

The Segway are in the matter for quite a while; although it didn’t live to its expectation due to some features, it is most definitely a great purchase. While riding an electric scooter, you would undoubtedly enjoy the features that make your commute enjoyable. 

Here are some of the features that indeed prove Segway is the novel and one-of-a-kind scooter.

1. Speed

The Segway is popular for speed. The speed of the Segway depends on the batteries and motors. With Segway, you get to experience the fast and exciting ride in your neighborhood. 

2. Battery Capacity

The weight of the Segway varies according to battery capacity. Bigger batteries are flexible and offer the rider a constant speed for a more extended period. Segway has high-capacity batteries, and you can ride for 4-6 hours or beyond that on a full charge.

3. High-Tech Extra

The Segway has plenty of Tech features it ensures that the user can have a fun and enjoyable ride. Features like ambient lighting, display screen, Bluetooth, and smartphone compatibility are the options that constitute the new model of Segway. But unfortunately, the high-tech features add up extra weight to Segway scooters. 

4. Safety

While flying at speed on the road is the most exciting part of Segway, but itis important to put the brakes when needed. Segway has one of the best safety and braking features. 

These are highly responsive and easy to use. In addition, it has a stopping distance, headlights for night rides, and stability that ensures you won’t fall off while stopping the electric scooter.

What Are the Parts of Segway?

To understand how much Segway weighs, we must look at the parts that constitute a Segway.

1. The Sensors

The sensor of Segway ensures it is responsive to your actions to make the Segway move forward and backward when required. The primary sensor of Segway is an assembly of gyroscopes. It is a spinning object that resists the change to its axis of rotation. It makes the Segway responsive and stable when required. The tilt sensor and the motion sensor understand your movement to make your ride smoother. 

2. Circuit Board

The circuit board comprises a cluster of microprocessors. It has ten microprocessors, which produce three times the power of a standard PC. The two panels work similarly, and it checks the sensor 100times per second.

3. Electric Motors

Nickel metal hydride and Lithium-ion batteries power the Segway scooter. The two sets of batteries turn the wheels independently at different speeds. As a result, the weight of batteries reflects on the overall weight of Segway. 

4. Material

The weight of the Segway is not only influenced by internal components but also by the external framework. The framework of the Segway metal built. This framework is attached to the handle and the wheel. The material in the wheels is rubber. 


The Segway is for adult riders of different heights and weights. The heavy Segway are for adult riders. Being overweight can be a cause of quick drainage of battery and leading to damage of the Segway. To avoid that, Segway Inc. has a guideline on each model how much weight it can carry. 

The article talks about how much the Segway weighs and how its parts influence the weight. Each model has a different set of features, and hence the weight differs.

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Frequently Asked Question

How Much Does Segway Maximum Weigh?

The maximum weight of Segway is 18.7 Kg or 41lbs. The model which has the maximum weight is the Ninebot Kick scooter max. The size of the Segway scooter is more significant than the others. It has an 18mph speed and has a long-range battery.

Can Two People Ride-on Segway?

No, it is not advisable. The Segway has a weight limit, and above that, it can damage the framework. Moreover, Segway glides better when one person rides. However, it does not have enough space to carry two-person people.

How Much Does Segway Weigh-in Kg?

I kg equals to 2.2pound. So, if the weight of Segway is 40 lbs, it means the Segway is 18.1 Kg. Therefore, the Segway Ninebot S smart weighs 12 kgs which can carry up to 100KG load.

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