What Is a Segway Tour?

What Is a Segway Tour

How would you like to look at the best tourist spot with a personal transporter? Doesn’t it sound interesting? We know it does. A Segway tour is a ride on a Segway vehicle. Segway tour has been a tourist attraction since the inception of Segway Company.

Going around on Segways is a lot of fun. You won’t have to walk around the city and save your energy on other tourist activities throughout the day. 

On tour, you can experience the city on a self-balancing scooter. Before we get into detail about what is a Segway tour and how it became one of the lucrative business models in the travel industry, we have to get to the roots of the tour.

What Is a Segway Tour?

1. Invention of Segway

To understand what a Segway tour is, we have to look at the history to understand what Segway is. In 1999, inventor Dean Kamen founded the company Segway, which primarily focussed on developing new zero-emission vehicles. Segway was first shown to the public in 2001 by a radio program. Dean Kamen introduced the Segway to the public on ABC’s Good Morning Program. 

The Segway tour reached its prime when people started traveling for historical tours or education tours. It was convenient and comfortable as you could glide by on a personal transporter. Segway is similar to ‘Segue,’ which means the transition from one to another without interruption. 

2. Segway Personal Transporter

Segway introduced its first mountain travel model in 2006. The two models were Segway i2 and x2. The x2 was explicitly designed for a ride on mountain terrains. That’s how Segway tour became part of mountain travels. 

Dean Kamen’s idea behind the Segway was a personal transporter that is a vehicle that is environment-friendly and takes minimal space. Legislation passed in 2002 that allowed Segway Inc. to operate on sidewalks of 31 states. In 2007, it became a part of luxury vehicles in more than 60 countries.

The Benefit of The Segway Tour

If you are still hesitant about taking the Segway tour, then look at these pros of the Segway tour. 

1. Better Touring Experience

A ride around historical lanes or on the famous Brooklyn Bridge is an experience worth remembering. Many countries organize Segway tours for tourists to take pictures, videos, and selfies with ease. It benefits the travel industry as when you share the experience with friends and family, they travel to experience the same.

2. Environment Friendly

As we have mentioned before in this article, Segway does not produce any harmful toxic gases. Segway produces zero emissions. While traveling on Segway, you are becoming a part of the green revolution in vehicles. 

3. Saves Time

Segway can save you time while traveling to a new city. You can cover more area of the town with Segway compared to walking. You can save 2-3 hours and visit more highlights on a city you are visiting than tour walks. 

The Segway Tour Experience

What is a Segway tour? It is an experience that lets you excitingly explore a city. You can learn about a place and its history, look at the highlights and underrated gems. It is different from the walking tour. 

The participant of the Segway tour is given a safety kit that includes a helmet and a pair of earphones. The helmet prevents injury, while the earphone is crucial for constant communication with the instructor or guide. The guide’s voice guides the rider, similar to traditional walking tours.


Exploring a fantastic city on a personal transporter is a thrilling experience. In this article, we have discussed what is a Segway tour and the benefits and history of Segway. In addition, you can get a close look at the past pages that explores the humble beginning of Segway.

Segway makes the vacation more memorable, and it lets you visit the corners of the place without soaring your feet. So next time before visiting a city, make sure you have made a reservation for a Segway tour. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Segway Ride?

Segway is a self-balancing scooter on which you can travel around city and town with ease. The motorized vehicle stays upright and has motion sensors that let you balance even on hills. On a Segway tour, you can travel the city with a guide’s instruction at a much faster pace than on walking tours. 

Is it hard to ride Segway?

No, Segway is not hard to ride. The Segway is straightforward to ride. You can learn with the help of the instructor. The Segway has a handle that lets you balance the board quickly. On tour, you can ask the guide to help you with Segway to have a smooth and comfortable ride.

Are Segway tours safe?

Yes, they are safe. After the tragic death of Jimi Heselden, the question about Segway’s safety concerned the users. According to reports, the accident on Segway when the riders do not take safety measures with seriousness. A helmet is essential while riding on Segway. 

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