How Fast Hoverboard Segway Go

How Fast Hoverboard Segway Go

A segway is a vehicle that is frequently used for tours. You have complete control over the vehicle thanks to its two wheels, which move whichever your weight is distributed.

Are you looking for a personal transporter that glides as fast as an electric bike? If you have seen the self-balancing Segway hoverboards, then you must know how fast they can go. 

The Segway hoverboards are classic and designed specially to meet the need of every individual. Before investing in a Segway hoverboard, this is the question that concerns me the most. How fast hoverboard Segway go? If you are also looking for this answer, read on to know what factors influence the speed and how far the Segway can go. 

The Need for Speed

Before we begin the need for speed, we would like to clarify that the user’s experience contributes to speed. You must have heard before, “learn to walk before you run” the same goes for hoverboards. Therefore, you must first learn how to handle the hoverboard before controlling the speed of the hoverboards.

If you are an experienced rider, then you must show your swag skills when riding on hoverboards. How fast the hoverboard Segway goes depends on the weight, technical features, and battery. 

What are the conditions in which you can’t get to maximum speed?

  • The terrain’s surface: Grass, gravel, and muddy road are unlikely to reach maximum speed. The battery drains quickly on these surfaces.
  • Inclined road: Moving up on an uphill lead to slowing down the pace of the hoverboard. 
  • Downhill: On the descent, you might catch speed, but this is not a balanced speed, it can be dangerous, and you must be more cautious.

It is advisable to maintain a slow pace to ensure safety and a smooth commute in these conditions. 

Components Of Segway Hoverboard

Each Segway hoverboard is designed to enhance the personal experience of the rider. The components of Segway that contribute to the speed of the vehicle are:


The electric motor of the Segway hoverboard can range between 700 to 1500W. The battery in the hoverboard propels the engine to work and power the hoverboard. The battery is located on the central board. The capacity of the battery and motors changes with the model; this affects the speed of the Segway.


The Segway is equipped with high-tech sensors that record the wheel’s speed and inclination. This helps in the control of speed while moving on rugged terrains. The information detected from the wheels is received at the gyroscope, the principal component of the personal transporter.


The gyroscope is present in the form of a tiny silicon plate. The particles in it vibrate when the sensor communicates with the gyroscope. Thus, it helps in maintaining the speed and balance of the hoverboard. In addition, the gyroscope helps maintain momentum in inclined surfaces where the balance of the hoverboard is tricky. 

Why Does Speed Vary?

The speed of the Segway Hoverboard varies from one transporter to another because of the weight. The Segway hoverboard is a sophisticated gyroscope, battery, motor, wheels, and digital sensor. These components constitute the weight of the Segway. 

The heavier the Segway is, the slower its speed range. 

The hoverboard can go 4-12 miles after 4 minutes of quick charge. After that, upgrade the speed by accelerating slowly. 

Segway Hoverboard Models

Segway Ninebot S

Segway Ninebot S is one of the fastest models from Segway. The top speed of this is 10mph, and an average speed of 8mph. Thus, the Segway has a speed range of 13.7 miles, and it can incline up to 15degrees.

Segway Apex

The Ninebot Segway Apex has a futuristic approach to modern transportation. It’s a super scooter that can achieve a maximum speed of 125mph. It resembles in look with self-balancing eScooter E100. 


Segway is the oldest and one-of-the-first in the hoverboard industry. A ride on a Segway hoverboard is comforting and thrilling. In this article, we discussed how fast the hoverboard Segway goes? The reasons can be indefinite. The model, terrain, weight of the rider, skill set, and age are common contributors to speed.

The design and technology embedded in Segway also contribute to the speed of Segway. However, no matter how fast the hoverboard Segway goes, this modern and innovative state-of-the-art technology has a cool factor that makes the ride enjoyable. 

Frequently Asked Question

What speed does a Segway go?

The top speed of the Segway personal transporter is 12.5mph. It can go at this speed on a full charge battery. The speed of the Segway depends on the terrain, charge, and experience of the rider.

Are Segway Faster than hoverboard?

It is not definite the Segway is faster than hoverboards. But some of the Segway is faster than hoverboards. For example, the top speed of Segway can go up to 22mph while the hoverboards have 9-10mph top speed. 

How fast does one hoverboard go?

One hoverboard can go up to the speed of 6-8miles per hour. The speed varies with models and terrains. 

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