How Much Is a One Wheel Hoverboard?

How Much Is a One Wheel Hoverboard

It’s high time to shift to monowheel. One-wheels are a new rage ruling the market. If you have no idea about hoverboards or are just a beginner, you are in the right spot.

Let me describe the onewheel to you if you’ve never heard of it. Onewheel is a single-wheel self-balancing electric board, also referred to as an electric skateboard, as the name suggests. The ideal choice for you is onewheel if you enjoy snowboarding or skateboarding.

The hoverboards are two-wheel electric scooters. Like some brands say it feels like hovering when you step up on the paddle foot, that’s why these are called hoverboards. 

Two-wheel hoverboards became mainstream in the 1980s film culture. Since then, hoverboards have been launched by many brands. The ever-expanding technology has seen its new peak when the one-wheel hoverboards launched. So, how much is a one wheel hoverboard? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer. The price varies from brand to brand. Read on to know more about hoverboards and their prices.

How Did One Wheel Hoverboards Came?

Kyle Doerksen imagined the origin of one-wheel hoverboards, CEO of Future Motion Inc. Doerksen took eight years to construct and bring the design into a fully working model. He launched the product in 2013 with the company Future Moton Inc.

1. Easy to Control

It is essential to think out of the box when it comes to wheeled vehicles. When it comes to wheeled vehicles, most people start to think with a minimum of two wheels and a maximum of 14. 

But the technology is ever-expanding, and the new hoverboard hovering among people is a one-wheel hoverboard. It is effortless to handle. It ensures that you can run as many errands as you want while working without getting tired. Moreover, the single wheel is easy to manage than two wheels.

2. Suitable for All Surfaces

The single-wheel hoverboards are suitable on both rough and flat surfaces. The wheels have motor functions, so it makes you flexible and improves your movement. You can drift board at any place without any restriction. Some of the places where you can drive your one-wheel hoverboard are tarmac, rocky surface, and grass. 

Features Of Hoverboards

1. It Is Developed by Tech Developers

The one-wheel hoverboards are efficient and technologically way ahead of other bikes. When you connect to Wi-Fi, you will receive notifications of future updates that can improve the functionalities. In addition, there is a dedicated team who are researching how to make the hoverboards customer-friendly.

2. Water-Resistant

The hoverboards are water and dust-resistant. The one-wheel hoverboards can smoothly glide even in extreme weather conditions. Take it out in rainy weather, and you will get an advantage as the slight splash of the scooter won’t interfere with the normal working of the motor.

3. Useful in Corners

The hoverboards do not limit your speed, even in challenging terrains. The movement and balance of the hoverboard depend on your flexibility and experience. Even on sharp turns, you can easily manage the bike. In tough spots, you need to control your feet to have easy urns without skidding and falling.

4. Affordable

So, how much is a one-wheel hoverboard? The price of the one-wheel hoverboard is costly. But most of the quality hoverboards are always on sale. While buying the hoverboard, make sure you have checked for counterfeit. Do not fall prey to internet scams.

5. Comes in Different Colors

The highlighting factor of hoverboards is they come in various designs and styles. The LED lighting makes sure you get what type you are looking for in the hoverboard. So be the street smart you want with the excellent one-wheel hoverboards. 


The one-wheel hoverboards are still fresh and new in the market. However, the design is economically friendly, and handling it is much easier than two-wheeled hoverboards. In this article, we have discussed how much is one-wheel hoverboard is and the factor that makes it better than others. 

If you are a beginner, we recommend buying one and enjoying the fun ride around the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does One Wheel Hoverboard Cost?

The price of one-wheel hoverboards is costly. The one-wheel hoverboards can cost up to $1500. Some can go above that. However, the new growing rage in millennials is making a shift in the price of hoverboards.

What Is a Single Hoverboard Called?

The single hoverboard is also known as the personal transporter. The single hoverboard has many names, although it is known chiefly as a classic one-wheel. It was invented in 2013 and has become popular among youth in recent times.

How Much Does One Wheel Last?

One wheel is like two-wheel hoverboards. The one-wheel battery can last up to 12-18miles.

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