Can I Take My Electric Scooter on a Plane?

Can I Take My Electric Scooter on a Plane? 2

Airways are the best form of travel but are very stressful as well. Want to know why? That is because many air travelers do not know what they can carry and what not to.

Electric scooters are enjoyable, affordable, and ecologically beneficial ways to get around your city or a new one you’re visiting. But you must learn the the guidelines and specific rules for traveling with an electric scooter.

You are not allowed to carry anything that is prohibited from air travel. And if you, chances are the authorities will confiscate the item. 

So, if you are a frequent air traveler and thinking, “can I take my electric scooter on a plane?”. Then, yes, you are allowed to take your ride with you. However, it must meet the requirements of the FAA.

Federal Aviation Administration Rules and Regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration understands the need for travel for vacation or business. However, to make it easy, FAA has set some regulations that you as a traveler have to follow.

If this question, “can I take my electric scooter on a plane?” is eating your head, it’s time to do some research.

FAA is firm on its set of rules and regulations, so if you want to carry your scooter with you, you must meet the requirements –

  • the FAA agrees that the travelers carry their scooter, but the scooter should have a battery size of 160 Wh (not more than that). A battery of 101 – 160 Wh should be good. Also, if you wish, you can carry 2x spare batteries.

The most challenging fact is that finding a 160Wh battery. A 160Wh battery is the same kind of battery that is used in laptops. Most of the scooter manufacturers list their cell capacity in (Ah) Ampere-hour.

To convert from Ampere-hour (Ah) to (Wh) Watt-hour, you must multiply the ampere-hour by the cell’s voltage. Then you would get the value of watt-hour (Ah).

Watt-hour = (ampere-hour X voltage of the battery) 

For example:

Wh = (14.3 X 10V) = 143Wh

Protecting Your Scooter for Travel: Normal Scooter

If you are carrying your electric scooter, you need to ensure it stays protected and safe. For this, we recommend you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight.

This will give you enough time to clear the formalities, and generally, airports are busy all the time. So, you need time to do all these.

Also, before the flight, you need to sort your scooter first. First, dismantle your electric scooter, disconnect, and remove batteries and the handles and grips. Then, make sure you sort all the essentials according to the manufacturer’s guide.

You cannot fail to do this; if you fail, it will end up getting damaged. Handle the batteries with care, and if the batteries get damaged, there will be leakage. If it leaks, it can be dangerous. And you cannot take a damaged battery, and they won’t accept it in the first place.

Do not forget to check the user’s manual. The user’s manual generally contains all the information about your product like battery type, power, etc. Stay prepared and ready.

To increase security, we recommend you use masking tape on the speed controller. Then, apply the tape when it is positioned low. Also, you can use a marker and write “CAUTION: DO NOT REMOVE,” it helps.

Furthermore, wrap it with a plastic sheet because it is evident that things are maltreated in the airport. The plastic sheet can safeguard your scooter against dents and marks.

You might not want any interruptions caused by the airport authorities. And the early you arrive at the airport, the greater the chances of getting slots for your electric scooter. However, there is a limit to the number of electric scooters that the plane can carry.

Protecting Your Scooter for Travel: Foldable Scooter

If you got a foldable scooter to carry, then it is much easier to pack it. There is no hassle of dismantling it. Just locate the buttons and push and pull the grip.

Then, using the release level, unclamp the tube and push it down. And push the level located on the lower side of the scooter while it faces upwards.

Follow the guidelines for folding the scooter given in the user’s manual. Also, you may remove the baskets mounted, which will reduce the overall load. Finally, do not use a plastic sheet to wrap the scooter. Use a bag to carry instead.


Can I take my electric scooter on a plane? Of course, you can.

Unlike every other mode of transport, airways have a lot of rules and regulations. And these rules make sense as the plane glides through the air and typically flies 35000 feet above the ground. Hence, maintaining the load of passengers and luggage is an essential factor to consider.

So now you know that before you plan to carry an electric scooter, you need to meet the requirements of the FAA. After that, you can bring a scooter that has a battery size of 160Wh, keep it packed, secure with plastic wraps, keeps things documented and you are all set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Airlines Allow You to Take Your E-Scooter with You?

No, that is a no. However, there are countable airlines that allow you to fly with your e-scooter on board.

Is Carrying an Electronic Scooter on A Plane Risky?

Yes, of course, it is risky. That is why most airlines service does not offer this service. Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous. Hence, airport authorities have strict rules, and some airports do not entertain such requests.

Can I Carry An E-Scooter for My Child?

Yes, if you wish, you can carry an e-scooter for your child. Airlines have their own set of policies. Some may allow, and some may not. E-scooter is safe to carry. Before you plan, do contact the airlines if they offer such a service.


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