How To Make an Electric Scooter Go Faster?

How To Make an Electric Scooter Go Faster

If you have an electric scooter, then the question is quite common to ask, how to make an electric scooter go faster? The benefits of owning an electric scooter are obvious, along with the certainty of having fun. However, it is still true that many people around us consider them toys, and it is necessary to correct them. These machines are advanced transportation devices you can use to ease your daily life.

It’s just a fun little extra enhancement for some scooters. It is a game-changer, if not a lifesaver, for many other people, particularly the more widespread or less expensive ones.

How To Make an Electric Scooter Go Faster?

Are you ever curious why so many people enjoy using an electric scooter to move from place to place? 

A motorcycle or car does not require obtaining a driver’s license that allows you to operate them. That’s awesome! The only thing you need is a helmet or some other protective clothing, and you’re done. That’s all there is to it! The electric scooter is a simple and economical way to travel that is fun and relatively affordable. 

Is it possible to ride an electric scooter at such a fast speed? Does your electric scooter have any speed-enhancing capabilities? Our goal is to find out the answer to that very question. So, it’s time to get started!

Electric Scooters Have a Maximum Speed. What Is It?

Their only downside (of the cheaper models) is their slow speed. Nevertheless, they are an ideal mode of transport. While an electric scooter is designed to be comfortable, mobile, and lightweight, it’s not designed for racing. 

Rather than being a distant relative of a motorbike, they are more like a bicycle. This vehicle’s sluggish pace results from its weak motor, which may also be affected by the battery that cannot assist in dragging the rider at high speeds.

Disconnect The Speed Limiter in The Scooter

Incredibly, you’re probably unaware that your electric scooter can rise to speeds significantly higher than you think! Is this the case for some reason? There is an embedded speed limiter (and hidden speed limiter) in an electric scooter. Some find this very strange; why would someone want a gadget so discretely mounted within their system? What is the purpose of this device? What is the purpose of it?

We’re glad to know that the electric scooter manufacturer fixed the speed limiter since most countries have laws prohibiting these machines from going over their speed limits. The speed limiter exists to prevent the machine from exceeding its maximum speed. As a result, removing the in-built speed limiting feature allows you to run the program entirely.

You Need to Change the Battery of Your Scooter and Its Running Voltage

If you just replace your scooter’s battery, it won’t be enough to gain that extra MPH / KMH you desire, then why? The same voltage battery won’t make much of a difference because you cannot swap out a scooter’s battery for a higher voltage battery directly for a sustainable future

This exception is only applicable to worn-out e scooter batteries. In this case, they will suffer so much “sag” that they will not have enough power to control the motors to the full extent of their abilities – resulting in a diminished top speed.


So, in the end, you must have got the answer to the question, how to make the electric scooter go faster? Your favorite electric scooter may give you a thrilling experience when you finally reach its top speed. No doubt that electric scooters are light in weight and portable

However, you must proceed with caution. You should ensure that you are properly trained about standard safety procedures if you want to prevent accidents for a sustainable future. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Options for Increasing a Mobility Scooter’s Speed?

Mobility scooters can easily reach higher speeds if you are able to find a battery with a higher output and capacity. Although you may not be comfortable upgrading to a larger battery, you can still boost speeds by simply replacing an old battery.

My Electric Bike Has a Slow Speed. What Can Be Done to Increase the Same?

To increase the speed of your electric bike, you should use batteries with higher voltages or buy a motor with a higher KV rating. Alternatively, removing unnecessary components from your bike can reduce drag. Increasing bike speed can also be accomplished with several other cost-effective solutions.

Can You Explain Why Electric Scooters Are Illegal?

They are the same in just about every respect – MOT, tax, licensing, and special construction requirements. Consequently, e-scooters aren’t legally allowed to be used on roads since they rarely have visible rear red lights, number plates, or signaling abilities.

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