What Is the Electric Monthly Cost for A Vehicle?

What Is the Electric Monthly Cost for A Vehicle

Quite low! It is significantly less as compared to the gasoline ones. But what is the monthly electric cost for a vehicle? 

The fact that EVs often cost less to run than gas-powered ones and typically require less periodic maintenance contributes to the electric vehicles’ steadily declining cost. EVs don’t require routine oil changes, but maintenance expenditures and wear-and-tear items like tires can still pile up.

Have you ever wondered how different factors play a role in determining your electricity bills? For example, what is the electric monthly cost for your vehicle? Or how can you save using EV cars? How is it different from IVC?

What Is the Electric Monthly Cost for A Vehicle?

It is tough to determine the exact cost of your vehicle. But you can get a good approximation. It depends on many things, primarily on your location, how many miles you drive, and the rate per kWh in your state.

Different states have different price ranges. For example, in California, one kWh is 18 cents, 8.7 in Washington, 10. 2 in Virginia, 11.7 in Florida, and 18.1 in New York.

To get the exact amount, you will have to do some math. Don’t worry, and it’s up to us. So, the rule of thumb is that 1 kWh lasts you up to 3-4 miles. We will take it to 3 miles for ease of calculation. Now, assume that you drive 900 miles every month. Then you need to divide this number by 3. So, 900÷3 =300. Now, to further ease the calculation, let’s assume that 1kWh costs your 10 cents.

So, 900×10 = 9000 cents ÷100 = 90 dollars. So, you will have to pay 90 $ per month.

Note this is just an example, and the actual amount may vary by. 

Where To Charge Your EV?

You can charge your EV anywhere- at your own home, at a public service station, or you can also call service providers. Most drivers prefer to charge their EVs at a public service station. These also provide fast charging services, but they can rise too. You can check out different options like general, L2, and rapid charging.

Most L2 charging can charge your EV completely in just eight hours and last you many miles. So, if you are a busy bee, you can try this. They sometimes offer free service to some drivers too. So, what is bad in trying out your luck? Maybe you became the lucky customer for the day. No one knows!

Otherwise, you can always charge it in the privacy of your own home.

Factors Affecting the Electric Cost for A Vehicle

Many factors affect the cost involved in charging your electric vehicles. However, you must know the basic ones which are mentioned here: 

#1 Location – Where you live in the most crucial factor in determining how much you will have to pay while filling your tank. Electricity charges are arguably different in different American states. So, if you’re in Washington, you save but if you’re based in New York, have fun paying those bills!

# 2 Electric charges – Different service providers can sometimes charge different rates. So, check this out too.

#3 Miles you drive – If you have a habit of strolling in your cars, bills will rise. In addition, if your job requires you to travel a lot, you will also have to pay much more compared to an average person.

#4 Traffic – If your general route is an area that always has heavy traffic, you will waste units, resulting in more charging, hence, more cost.

Tips To Save Money on EV Charging

You can save a few bucks or dollars by implementing the tips listed here.

  • Use public service- They provide free services. So, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to save on charging costs.
  • Use downtime – Don’t get your car charged during peak hours. If you don’t want to pay the rush fee, go when there is low demand.
  • Call your service providers- Let your service provider know that the sudden increase in your bill is because you are charging your EV at home. Many of them provide incentives and discounts to EV owners. So, you should make sure to know if you are entitled to one or not.
  • Let your battery cool – Heated batteries die fast. So, they need more charging. Hence, always let your battery cool down, even for 10 to 30 minutes.


What is the electric monthly cost for charging a vehicle?

The exact cost depends on numerous factors. But now you can get an estimate of how to calculate it. Also, the most average is $560 annually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly cost for an electric vehicle?

It can be anywhere around $30-$60.

If you use L2 charging, it can rise even more.

What do I need to charge my EV at home?

You need a standard outlet. Just park your car in your garage, plug it in and connect it to the outlet. Your work is done now!

Why should I buy electric cars?

They require much less maintenance and are an excellent fit for nature. So, consider buying these if you can.

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