How To Make an Electric Bike with A Starter Motor?

How To Make an Electric Bike with A Starter Motor

Electric bikes are among the most famous inventions of today’s day and age. As a result, many bike enthusiasts opt for electric bicycles in lieu of their standard commuter, hybrid or regular bikes. It’s not complicated to gather the reasons for this shift, considering the massive perks of electric bikes.

Having an electric bike automatically raises the question of how to make an electric bike with a starter motor? You can use an electric bicycle for a variety of purposes. As well as helping you maintain good health, biking regularly can also save you money since gas is not necessary. It goes without saying that an electric bike greatly simplifies your daily life. Your hard-earned money could very well be saved in a sizable amount.

The most notable benefit of biking is that it doesn’t generate pollution, so it can help us protect the environment. There is only one problem: long-distance rides can get tiring after a while. An electric bicycle is an ideal solution in these cases.

How To Make an Electric Bike with A Starter Motor?

There are several bikes in the market with different prices and unique characteristics (batteries, weight, and size). Nevertheless, you probably were unaware that one of the ways to modify your bike is to add an electric motor, which will make it more efficient.

In addition to being sustainable, conventional bicycles require no fuel like automobiles or motorcycles, making them a vital aspect of transportation. As such, electric vehicles consume electricity and fossil fuels, but an electric motor is more environmentally friendly than an engine from an automobile or motorcycle. 

You don’t have to modify your bicycle as much as you may think. The installation process involves installing an engine and some other components, and the biggest challenge is ensuring they work together. 

There are times when a starter motor suddenly fails to run without warning. You may sometimes notice that the engine doesn’t turn over the very first time; it may take a few tries for someone to engage the starter motor. An errant starter motor is indicated by this observation. 

Even a freshly charged-up battery can seem slower than usual when the starter is worn out or shorted. An abnormal grinding or screeching sound can be produced by a bad starter motor in some cars. Starting the engine while it is hot might not be possible, but the starter motor works fine when the engine is cold.

Be Careful When Choosing a Traditional Bike

You should choose a bicycle carefully before you turn it into an electric off-road bike. When choosing an e-bike, choose one capable of carrying some extra weight since you may need to transport heavy items. 

Modifying them carefully is as important as modifying the tires. Make sure that the bicycle you choose has enough space to allow the modifications you require.

Make Sure You Have Batteries

You must have a battery in your project. The voltage of the device needs to be known before purchasing the other components. The most common voltage used by people is usually between 24 and 36 volts. 

For 36-volt systems, the battery should have a capacity of at least one amp-hour for every 1.6 kilometers (1 mile), along with cables for connecting everything. Additionally, make sure your battery has proper charging. Experts like Kyle Harder believe it will be available at the same location.

Choosing The Best Starter Motor

You need to choose a starter motor for the next step in this conversion process. If you don’t know where you can get a starter motor, experts can tell you where you can get it. It should come perfectly to you, and you will need to check whether it fits your bike or not. This can be found in any kind of store that sells bike parts.

Electric bikes generate energy through the battery and transfer it to the motor as you ride them. In short, this motor controller regulates the energy flow, which is so crucial for electric bikes. You should choose the battery connectors for this process with precautions and cross-examination. 


In the end, you must have got the answer to the question, how to make an electric bike with a starter motor? Your lifestyle can be significantly improved using an electric bike. Obviously, you already know how easy it is to convert a traditional bicycle into an e-bike. 

However, you can also experience burnt or pitted electrical contacts inside the starter solenoid. You’d hear a single click from the starter solenoid if the contacts inside the solenoid were bad, but the motor would not start, even if the battery, cord, and cable terminals were fine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Legal Ramifications of Putting Electric Motors on Bikes?

E-bikes are legal in South Australia like they are in New South Wales. However, the rider of an e-bike must meet one of the following requirements: power-assisted bicycles with an electric motor with a power output not exceeding 200 watts.

Are Starters Able to Function as Motors?

Therefore, it may work, and its performance may be satisfactory, but other motors might be faster or have a greater range. Designed for high torque and endurance, starting motors survive in rough environments. These problems are that they are not suitable for sustained usage, and the efficiency is not that great either.

Does A Battery-Powered Bicycle Have a Waterproofing System?

It is okay to ride most e-bikes when it is raining. Please verify that your e-bike has the ability so you can use them in the rain with its manufacturer (not all makes/models do). Aventon e-bikes are made to IPX4 water-resistance standards, meaning that you can get rid of them outside even on a rainy day.

How Fast does an electric bike go?

The average speed of most electric bikes is 20mph (32km/h). However, some robust electric bikes can clock up to 32 mph (51km/h). Electric bikes’ top speed depends on several factors, including a country’s regulations and the bicycle’s class. For instance, bikes in Europe have a limit of 28mph (45km/h), while e-bikes can clock top speeds of up to 32 mph in the US.

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