How Fast Can a Skateboard Go?

How Fast Can a Skateboard Go

Have you ever wondered how fast a skateboard can go? Skateboarding is faster than walking and convenient than biking, but the speed depends on the setup and the rider. You are in the right spot to understand the mechanism of speed range in skateboarding and learn how fast a rider can go on skateboards.

Skateboards are generally associated with teenagers flipping the board and enjoying the speed on the sidewalk, but they have more practical purposes. Knowing the rate at which one can travel helps make conscious decisions on why you should have it.

The amount of experience the rider has, the surface and surroundings, the board’s materials, and the size of the wheels are just a few of the many variables that might influence a skateboard’s average speed.

Impact Of Setup on Speed

The setup of the skateboard and design plays a crucial role in the grip. Riding on a skateboard is an act of balance. You can control the skateboard easily, even on tricky turns, when you have a good grip. Good control helps in controlling the speed of the wheels of the skateboard. Let’s have a look at the impact the setup of the skateboard has:

1. Bigger Wheels

The outer body of the skateboard consists of the flat board on which you ride and the wheels. Wheels are a big part of skateboards. In terms of speed, bigger wheels are faster than smaller wheels, so that you might get a bumpy ride, but you will reach faster from point A to B.

2. Longboards

If you are looking for a setup that glides you on the road at a faster pace, then you must opt for longboards. The longboard tends to give a smooth and breezy ride with the thrill of speed. 

3. Good Bearings for Terrains

The bearings of the skateboard are contributing factors to speed. It is essential if you are thinking of faster operation in challenging terrains. The bearings ensure you have a smooth ride even if you are flying at high speed. The bearings manage the noise and vibration of the skateboard. The better the bearings perform, the faster the skateboard runs.

Do Riding Skills Affect the Speed?

How fast can a skateboard go? The answer depends on how quickly the rider can handle the speed. The skillset of the rider influences the rate of the skateboards. The rider on an average skateboard can also have a good pace when they have enough control on the board.

As a beginner, you cannot go beyond the speed of walking. Sounds unreal? But it’s true. You can increase your speed with time and progress to compete with a bike rider. That’s how practicing helps in skateboarding.

Does Terrain Play a Role in Speed?

The roadways play a vital role in the rise and fall of speed. You can practice on challenging terrains or on rough roads; it will help you improve your skillset and improve the function of your pushing skills. 

But when you are riding on a flat road, you can reach the optimum speed with ease compared to inclined roads. Moreover, if you are riding on rough roads with bigger skateboard wheels, this can also lower the speed range. On rough roads and lanes, smaller wheels are better to pick up the speed with the smoothness of the ride.


The average speed of skateboarding is 5-12mph. However, an experienced skateboard rider can speed up the skateboard at 8mph. In this article, we have discussed how fast a skateboard can go. Along with that, we shed light on the factors that contribute to speed and how you can improve it. 

From the excerpts of this article, it is established that wheels play a large part in defining the speed, and bearings can make a big difference in speed. However, aside from the technicalities, the experience of the rider decides how fast the skateboard can go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is too fast for a skateboard?

The average speed of the skateboard is 5-8 mph. When the rider rides at a speed of 8-9 mph, it is fast on a skateboard. A speed exceeding 9mph is too fast for skateboarding. The rider can push the speed up to 8-9mph in general, which is faster than running.

How fast can the skateboard go downhill?

The goal behind riding downhill is to balance the skateboard while reaching the maximum speed possible. The highest speed the skateboard can go on the downhill is 85mph. The risk of injury is optimum downhill, so it is essential to balance while riding downhill.

What is the easiest skateboard trick?

The tricks that help you on riding a skateboard is:

  • Learn riding switch: It is the exchange of feet on which you generally ride.
  • Drop-In: Letting the skateboard roll on its momentum.
  • Manual: Manual is popping up the front wheel, so you are riding only on the back wheel.

Do these tricks while riding and enjoy a smooth ride on a skateboard. 

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