Best Fat Tire Electric Bike On The Market For 2020







Best Fat Tire Electric Bike On The Market For 2020 1

BEST OVERALL – Addmotor Motan Electric Bike


Best Fat Tire Electric Bike On The Market For 2020 2

RUNNER UP – Nakto City Electric Bike


Best Fat Tire Electric Bike On The Market For 2020 3

Emojo Wildcat Pro Electric Bike


Best Fat Tire Electric Bike On The Market For 2020 4

Micargi Cyclone Cruiser


Best Fat Tire Electric Bike On The Market For 2020 5

Radrover 5 Electric Fat Bike

A bike needs to be perfectly matched to the person who’s riding it, and when you’re looking to buy a brand new, shiny electric bike, that could mean choosing one with fat tires.

There are loads of benefits to buying a bike with wider tires than most, but what else do you need to look for when choosing this special design?

What should you look for in a fat tire electric bike?

A fat tire electric bike should be reliable, strong, and have enough power to propel, as well as the standard specs you want to find when choosing a new bicycle. They need to suit your budget, have enough battery to get you as far as you want to go and with the right speed, as well as the tire width you want to give you added support.

There are loads of e-bikes on the market today but not all of them have the option of fat tires that so many of us look for. Whether you want to try out different terrain, opt for comfort over all else, or like the option to travel in all kinds of weather, there are loads of reasons why finding a top-rated fat tire electric bike might be at the top of your list.

We’ve done the searching for you by going through countless fat tire electric bike reviews to come up with a list of the most popular on the market today.

With our help, you’ll be able to choose the best fat tire e-bike to suit your budget and specifications and make it easier to get wherever you need to be in comfort, no matter the weather or terrain.

Choosing a fat e-bike is no easy task, thanks to the huge range of options there are today, and it’s made even harder if you’ve never shopped for a bike before.

To make matters easier, we’ve rounded up the top performers in the 2020 market so you can narrow your selection and come up with the perfect bike that ticks all of your boxes.

BEST OVERALL: Addmotor Motan Electric Bike

Addmotor MOTAN Fat Tire Power Electric Bike Review

For a smooth riding and stable electric bike with fat tires to match, our number one choice is the Addmotor Motan. This bike weighs a hefty 90lbs when fully assembled and is capable of holding riders up to 300lbs, making it one of the strongest around.

The Motan comes in a bright orange and black design and features a 750-watt brushless rear hub motor to make it easier to ride, no matter where you’re going. By far the best thing about this bike is how smoothly it rides, regardless of the surface you’re on.

With Kendra 26” tires that measure four inches in width, you’ll be able to ride over just about any terrain without feeling a thing, and never lose your cool even on the bumpiest terrain. You can go on sand tracks, muddy hills, and even on the beach with ease, so imagine how smooth it feels on a ready-made track.

On the downside though, the customer support offered by Addmotor needs improvement. Some people noted that they had questions about parts or needed to fix something and were unable to contact them on the technical support details that were provided. This is disappointing considering the high price of the bike, and hopefully something that’s rectified soon by the brand.

Other noteworthy features worth mentioning are the powerful 48V hidden and removable battery that lets the bike achieve speeds of 23 miles per hour and can get you an impressive 55 miles from base on a single charge.

You’ll also get a USB charging port, night mode capabilities, 5” LCD display, and a bike that comes almost totally assembled when it arrives. The bike is made with 6061 aluminum alloy and you have the option of three riding modes depending on how much help you want from the onboard motor.

Addmotor offers one year service for the motor and two years of technical support, and when you purchase it through Amazon you’ll get it delivered free of charge as well.

The current price online is around $2,000 which is great for a fit tire e-bike of this power and quality. If you’re after a durable and powerful e-bike with fat tires to match, the Addmotor Motan is our leading favorite in this arena.

  • Dimensions: 63.8 x 31.5 x 11.4”
  • Frame material: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 90lbs
  • Weight limit: 300lbs
  • Range: 55 miles
  • Battery Power: 48V

RUNNER UP: Nakto City Electric Bike


If you’re shopping for a fat tire electric bike on a budget, you might have found yourself coming up short, but the Nakto City is here to help. This 26” tire bike has three working modes including 1:1 power assist, pure electric bicycle, or standard bicycle, so no matter where you’re going and how hard you want to work, it can perform.

As a cheaper option, it’s without a lot of the bells and whistles but has a sturdy aluminum frame, durable tires, and just enough power to make riding a whole lot easier. According to customers, the Nakto City Electric Bike has some of the smoothest suspension they’ve ever experienced.

Even for one of the more affordable options out there, it uses front and rear suspension to keep you stable and the front shock-absorbing forks means you won’t feel the bumps and jumps along the way. This is the power of the fat tire at work, but it’s also helped by the strong and robust frame that Nakto has paired them with.

As a cheaper alternative, don’t expect the power that you’ll get from other electric bikes in this category. The Nakto only operates with a 300-watt brushless motor so it pales in comparison when it comes to speed and running time. You’ll be able to hit up to 22mph with its assistance, and if you’re someone who wants more power, you’ll need to spend a lot more to get it.

This issue aside, there’s a whole lot to love about the Nakto City, including a 6-speed Shimano shifting gear system and Shimano disc brakes for the safest ride that money can buy. The bike comes 90% pre-assembled so there’s very little to do on your end, otherwise, you can spend around $150 to have the bike shipped to a store near you where they’ll finish setting it up.

Amazon has the best price for this fat tire bike at around $950 which also includes shipping costs. The Nakto City Electric Bike is covered by a one year warranty on parts and workmanship which is great for the cost and can give you peace of mind that you’re investing in an e-bike that’s worthy.

If you want a wider tire on a quality bike but don’t have a lot of cash to spend, the Nakto City Electric Bike is one of our top picks.

  • Dimensions: 43 x 75 x 30”
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Weight: N/A
  • Weight limit: N/A
  • Range: 35 miles
  • Battery Power: 36V

Alternative: Emojo Wildcat Pro Electric Bike

Emojo Wildcat Pro Electric Bike Review

The Emojo Wildcat is a sleek and simple electric bike that’s been built tough, making it ideal for people who like to push the limits when they’re riding. Featuring a 500-watt electric motor and 48V battery, it’s a great mid-range bike in terms of power, and it looks cooler than most on the scene.

With your choice of orange, blue or black, you can get a bike that suits your style, and have a powerful device that gets you there, whether it’s dirt, trails, or pavement.

The best thing about the Emojo Wildcat Pro is how well it handles, which can be especially handy when you’re traveling offroad. This isn’t designed to be an urban commuting bike so don’t expect it to show you what it’s capable of here. For the best use, take it off-road and see how the fat tires and powerful grip from the front and rear disc brakes let you ride smoothly and effortlessly.

On the negative side of things, the Emojo Wildcat Pro is a heavy bike, and this is in part to some of the features being made of steel. Having this extra weight can make it feel a little more rigid to ride and it takes some getting used to, especially if you’re used to riding something lighter. However, having the fat tires on it takes some of this pressure off, which is another bonus they have to offer.

The Emojo Wildcat Pro uses a 7-speed gearing system for absolute control and four-inch wide Kenda Juggernaut tires for your riding pleasure. There’s a control panel on board so you can adjust the power mode and a USB slot for whatever you need, and you’ll be able to get up to 30 miles of riding from just a single charge of its batteries.

This is a reasonably priced electric bike featuring fat tires and a sturdy frame capable of holding up to 330lbs of rider weight, making it a bargain for around $1,900. Emojo offers a one-year limited warranty for peace of mind, and this covers both parts and workmanship.

If you need a bike with fat tires that can handle any terrain you throw at it, you’ll want to check out what the Emojo Wildcat Pro has to offer.

  • Dimensions: 78 x 25 x 43”
  • Frame material: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 58lbs
  • Weight limit: 330lbs
  • Range: 30 miles
  • Battery Power: 48V

Alternative: Micargi Cyclone Cruiser

Micargi Cyclone Cruiser Review

When money is of no concern in the pursuit of the best fat tire electric bike, something like the Micargi Cyclone might take your interest. This e-bike is a cruiser style ride for those who don’t want a mountain bike and if top speeds aren’t your main concern but looks are, this will be the way to go.

You choose from either a matte black with a red or black trim design, with both options looking sleek and mysterious alongside their oversized tires. The Micargi Cyclone’s best feature has to be its looks, and as a cruiser style bike, it’ll definitely be a stand out.

The bike is so comfortable to sit on with a padded seat, ape-hanger handlebars, and a lowrider frame that means you very little effort has to be put in to get where you need to go, and you’ll look cool no matter where you’re traveling.

Disappointingly though, the bike only features a 300w motor which makes it a lot less powerful than others we’ve reviewed. This size motor is generally found in cheaper models so it doesn’t seem right that for this price, you’re not able to get the speed or running time that you’d hope for. This seems to be a bike for slower riders and those who want something shiny, so keep that in mind if you’re after one with a lot of power.

The Micargi Cyclone uses premium electronics and lightweight lithium-ion batteries attached, so you can expect to get over 30 miles per charge. It comes with five levels of pedal assist and no throttle option so top speeds aren’t possible, which is disappointing given its cost, but to be expected in a cruiser style bike where looks are the main concern. The wheels are 26” with 4” in width, making it standard size for other fat tire e-bikes.

This is the best fat tire electric bike in the cruise style and if you want something enjoyable to ride and enviable to look at, it’s our favorite. Priced at around $2,500 and with a one-year limited warranty, it’s costly to own but a whole lot of fun to ride, and will help take some of the strain off you when you’re riding around town.

  • Dimensions: 70 x 10 x 30”
  • Frame material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 83lbs
  • Weight limit: N/A
  • Range: 30 miles
  • Battery Power: 48V

Alternative: Radrover 5 Electric Fat Bike

Radrover 5 Electric Fat Bike Review

If you’ve been reading fat tire electric bike reviews looking for the one with the best battery life, you’ve found it. The Radrover 5 is an electric bike with a 48V battery that’s capable of so much more, and it comes in a neat little 69lbs package that makes it even easier to handle than you could imagine.

Featuring 4” wide tires with a Kenda K-Shield for added protection, you can take it just about anywhere you’ve ever dreamed of, without breaking a sweat.

The best thing about this bike is how far it gets you on a single charge. According to reviews, you can expect to travel around 45 miles before the battery gives up, which given the cost, is a pretty impressive estimate. If you regularly travel long distances and need the best fat e-bike to make it happen, this is the way to go.

As a fat bike, it doesn’t have the best weight capacity, and according to Radrover is suitable for riders up to 275lbs. if you’re in the market for this type of bike specifically because they’re known to handle heavier users, you’ll want to keep shopping, as the Radrover certainly can’t deliver here.

Other noteworthy features include an integrated brake light for your safety, 180mm mechanical disc brakes, and a 750W Bafang geared hub motor that gives it its power. The bike is all black and sleek and has a backlit LCD for all of the important information you need during your ride. There’s no need to worry about the power running out prematurely or your phone going flat as you can keep it all on board and within your view.

The Radrover 5 is exceptionally priced at around $1,500 and comes with a one-year limited warranty to show you they mean business. There’s some assembly required on your behalf when the bike arrives, but overall, it’s one of the simplest and most energy-efficient fat bikes on the market.

As a best seller in this category with loads of happy customers and a low price tag that would make anyone happy, it’s one of our favorite finds.

  • Dimensions: 75 x 18 x 30.5”
  • Frame material: 6061 aluminum
  • Weight: 69lbs
  • Weight limit: 275lbs
  • Range: 45 miles
  • Battery Power: 48V

Fat E-bikes FAQs

fat tire bike in wood

The fat e-bike is the best way to combine the versatility of fat-tire bikes with the fun of an electric-assisted one, and they’re ideal for getting the best of both worlds.

If you’re considering buying yourself one of these and want to know what is the best fat tire electric bike is and what makes them so unique, check out these FAQs to steer you in the right direction.

What Are The Advantages Of Fat Tire Ebike Over Regular?

The two main advantages of owning a fat tire e-bike and the comfort it offers the rider and the versatility of where it can travel due to its larger width.

The comfort comes from having a large volume and low-pressure tire which makes the ride smoother for you with less obvious bumps and jumps, whereas the versatility of the tire means you can ride on more kinds of surfaces and terrain including sand, mud, gravel, and trails.

What Is The Average Range Of Fat Tire Ebike?

For a quality e-bike, you can expect to get up an average of 30 miles from one charge of the battery, and this includes both fat and regular tire models.

Some offer a more expansive range up to 50 miles and beyond, however you can expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars for a bike of this level. Electric bikes have modes that use varying amounts of battery power, so to stretch out the mileage you should only use them for minimal pedal assistance.

Could You Drive A Fat Tire Ebike On Unpaved Roads?

fat tire electric bike by the lake

One of the biggest benefits of riding a fat tire electric bike is that they’re capable of handling more than just paved areas so you’re not stuck riding on paths and roads.

These e-bikes can ride on sand, mud, snow, rocks, gravel, and dirt trails as the wider tire gives more balance and control on all types of surfaces, so if you travel in more unique places this type of tire is a smart choice.

What Should You Know About The Bike Anatomy Of Fat Tire Ebike Before Buying?

A fat tire bike features tires that are wider than standard bicycles, usually measuring up to four inches in width.

The forks of the e-bike frame are also wider so that they can accommodate the extra room that the tires take up, so it may take a small amount of practice to get used to riding them if you’re used to a standard bike.

The Fat Approach to E-Bikes

The era of the electric bike is upon us, and if you need something extra special from your e-vehicle, the addition of a fat tire could be exactly what you’re looking for.

A fat tire on an electric bike gives the rider more support and comfort and means you’re able to travel in more circumstances, so it’s the best way to ensure bang for your buck when choosing an electric bike.

Having more volume on the ground and robust construction, there are loads of benefits to choosing this type of tire on your brand new bike.

With our recommendations, you’ll be guaranteed to find the ideal fat tire electric bike to suit your budget and specifications and end up with a new way to get from point A to point B that’s more comfortable than ever.